The following anecdote is not rigged by the crooked media — or the straight media.

I was exiting our local supermarket and noticed a young lad, maybe 10 or 11-years old staring at me. I know that look. Maybe you have to be a person of color to recognize that look.

Given my particular history, it means one of two things.

Someone thinks they recognize me and probably do, because I used to be someone. Or, they are wondering what this dark-skinned guy is doing here. In this case, I knew he couldn’t have seen me on TV because I retired before he was born. So, living as he does in our fair (and very white) town, probably he had never seen a real, live not white person.

I seized the awkward moment. I smiled and said: “Hi, How are you doing? Isn’t this a beautiful day?” The lad beamed at me.

I am personally on the road to making America great again.

Trust me.

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  1. Well, Garry, you made me smile, too. Happy birthday!

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  2. Is it your birthday Garry? It’s our older daughter’s birthday too. I’m busy making her birthday cake.
    Happy Birthday to you.

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  3. You still are somebody, Garry. I think that was a great way to open that boys heart.

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  4. You say it’s your birthday?! Happy Birthday to you, Garry! And you gifted that little boy with a smile. Excellent.

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  5. one person at a time if need be. Go Garry!!

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  6. Nice – you may have turned around his outlook at just the right age for it to stick.

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  7. Happy Birthday Oirish!!!! 🙂 🙂

    You are one of the few Americans i would trust! – Not that i have personally met all that many! 😉

    Hope the world is still here when you wake up! 🙂

    (Spread the) love.

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