For his birthday, Garry got a pot of orchids. He’s not much of a gardener, though he appreciates the results. I was thrilled because I have long hoped to have my own orchids. These are stunning and I’m delighted.




15 thoughts on “ORCHIDS

    • Thank you. I’m really enjoying them! They are not as easy to shoot as I expected, either. The leaves are very transparent, so the colors don’t show up the way I expect. I finally went to a macro lens and THAT helped.


  1. Love the ‘Moth Orchid’ (phalaenopsis) – a truly wonderful flower in shape and variety of colour. Mine has dropped it’s flowers now and am waiting for the stalk to brown before cutting it to encourage new flower growth. There are 2 schools of thought – either cut above a node where it should then resprout from original shoot but may not be as prolific in number of flowers next season, or cut it at the base so a new shoot grows, the flowers may then be smaller (unless the plant has grown in the mean time but should have more flowers. I think this variety flowers mostly Spring through Fall, likes weaker or shady sunlight and warm humid air and just a little water – once a week is generally enough. In the natural environment these plants grow on tree trunks/branches and survive off rainfall only.



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