We’ve been shell shocked by the barrage of non-stop breaking news that’s been coming at us at warp speed. These past eight days have been a news tsunami. As soon as we started to digest the news of one day, we would get hit with another major story the next. At one point, my husband and I couldn’t remember what the crisis was only two days before! Yet, at the time, we were sure that it could never get any worse than it was then.

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This news fatigue is like information overload but on steroids and turned up to Def Con 5. Cable Newscasters are screaming at us at top volume around the clock. Everything is OMG!!!!! For our part, we’re all becoming adrenaline junkies. If there was a day without a major story to occupy our emotional and intellectual energies, we’d go into withdrawal.

We have gotten used to the 24/7 drama way too easily.

To recap the major news stories of the past eight days:

Trump fires FBI Director James Comey while Comey was investigating Trump’s ties to Russia. At first Trump’s staff said the firing was because of Comey’s treatment of Hillary Clinton in the campaign (Right!). Two days later, Trump gave an interview in which he admitted that he did it because of the Russia investigation (This smacks of obstruction of justice).

Trump invites high Russian officials into the Oval Office and bans all U.S. Press from the meeting. The event is photographed by a Russian photojournalist. (WTF?) A few days later it came out that Trump revealed TOP SECRET intelligence to the Russians. This may have compromised operatives and operations of a major ally, Israel (You’ve got to be kidding!)

Comey leaks that Trump asked him to pledge loyalty to Trump. The FBI Director swears fealty to the Constitution, not the President! (This also smacks of obstruction of justice). A few days later, Comey’s associates reveal the contents of a memo Comey wrote documenting a conversation with the President. In it, the President pressured Comey to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn and his ties to Russia. (That IS obstruction of justice!)

For dessert, we learn that Michael Flynn told Trump’s people that he was under investigation by the FBI BEFORE he was hired by the administration. Despite that information, Trump appointed him as National Security Adviser, a high security level position. (You can’t make this shit up!)

It was exciting to live through the Watergate investigations. But then the story unfolded in slow and steady drip, drip, drips over a long period of time. People had time to digest information, regroup and brace for the next headline story. We’re living through a waterfall of stories tumbling out on top of one another onto our heads. And Trump has only been in office for four months!

Trump supporters wanted Trump to shake things up in Washington. I don’t think they realized that this meant he would put all Americans into a giant blender and turn the switch onto HIGH! If this goes on for four, or even two years, I don’t think that there will be enough PTSD Treatment Centers in the country to handle the demand!


  1. what I see coming out of all this is burn out. After a certain amount and level of being rocked from side to side, and a certain amount of screaming, and denials, and allegations, people start leaving the arena. Overload.

    Years ago they televised a chinese guy breaking bricks with his hand. It only got ugly when he broke his hand and continued with the performance. People began to leave, very quickly. I turned the TV off, about a second too late. Overload.

    I left the arena months ago. I don’t need the adrenaline fix that badly.


      1. We don’t follow every bit of news every day. We don’t watch cable news. But this past week has been different. It has been a train wreck that we just couldn’t take our eyes off of. I’m sure we’ll go back to perusing the news casually again when things die down. Maybe tomorrow. But this week’s news has been truly mind blowing.


    1. Many people will get burned out. True. But many others will get energized because the noose is tightening around Trump’s neck. It now seems possible that things will come to light that will prevent him from finishing his term. That possibility should be enough to keep the energized Progressives and Democrats energized!

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    1. That’s hysterical! “House of Cards” is mad at Trump for stealing all the good, out there plots! Reality is certainly stanger than fiction right now. It’s hard to imagine what will happen next because we are so far outside the norm now, that none of the normal political rules apply. Maybe that’s why it’s so interesting to follow the White House these days. You’re exercising your imagination and your sense of the absurd!

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        1. There is an element of humor to Donald Trump’s behavior. Certainly his word salad speeches and crazy tweets are good for a few laughs. At some point is does get so off the walls that you have to laugh instead of crying.

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      1. You can relax on the slow news days. When all hell is breaking out, it’s fun to stay on top of things. It’s exciting too – history is being made. Can you imagine what the history books will say about this period?


    1. When so much is happening, all at once, I love the rush of getting caught up in the swirling plot line. This is the first time since the election that I feel some hope for our future! When it looks like Trump may get his comeuppance, I want to be there to enjoy every bit of it. So I’m just really following this one story – the rest of the news is background noise to me for now. I’ve tuned out on everything else.

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    1. Oh, absolutely. Watergate was strange … but this is SO much weirder. I read a piece from the LA times — written I think by their editor — that we don’t know whether Trump is actually stupid, demented, intentionally making things up to confuse everything and everyone … or … or … maybe ALL of the previous plus other stuff we haven’t figured out yet.

      It’s good I get my news from the late night comedians. I don’t think I could cope with endless “real” news.

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      1. I’ve read articles that quote different doctors saying that Trump is both mentally ill AND suffering from early onset Altzheimer’s, which his father had. You can have a disease and a personality disorder at the same time. It’s especially bad if the symptoms overlap so you can’t tell which is which.


  2. That flat out did not happen!

    Just reminding everyone what the White House Trump official denier( i forget his name) said about Trump giving classified information to the Russian Ambassador.

    Standard practice for all Trump flunkies after every anti-Trump news item or leak. Shows their level of regard for Truth, Justice and the Great American Way.

    I’d trust all of his team about as far as i could throw the White House!

    Good post Ellen!



    1. The deniers got their just desserts last week when they spent two days swearing that the Comey firing was only about Hillary Clinton. Then Trump goes on TV and blithely admits, sure, it was obviously about the Russian investigation! I don’t know how anyone can believe a thing anyone in the White House says!

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