There has been much speculation as to the originally intended word. “Coverage’ has come up a lot.

My personal opinion is COVFEFE was supposed to mean “kerfuffle” but he had no idea how to spell it. It means “a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views.” Kind of where the nation is at, don’t you think? You try writing “kerfuffle.” Watch auto-correct go wacko.


It has been obvious for a while that this is not a man who ever won a spelling bee. Personally, I am still opting for good old-fashioned senile dementia. He was always a really nasty, racist asshole, but he wasn’t always quite this stupid. I think the senility was creeping in for a while and the pressure of the presidency just kicked it up 250%.

There are those convinced that he was trying to call up an evil so great no country can defeat it.

As for me, I’m going with senile dementia, poor spelling, and auto-correct.

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  1. Here’s an interesting bit from the Daily KOS

    “During a discussion on how to cover Trump, the former New York Observer editor, Elizabeth Spiers, claimed she told Kushner that she had serious problems with Trump’s repeated claims that Obama was not born in the U.S., to which Kushner allegedly told her: “He doesn’t really believe it, Elizabeth. He just knows Republicans are stupid and they’ll buy it.”

    What “pot” referring to what “kettle” ?

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  2. Sad!!

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  3. He just likes attention and manufactured drama (added to everything else his is and isn’t). He could have “invented” this word just for that (doubtful…) He’s a tool.


  4. The weight of the office is enough to drive the best of us nuts. You could well have a diagnosis here.


  5. Obviously, we are not the ‘people in the know’ as that idiot Spicer refers to …..whoever.


  6. That’s the best meaning and explanation I’ve heard yet!! On May 9, the day after Comey was fired, Chris Matthews tweeted that “Trumpdy Dumpdy had a great fall.” I sent that to a friend, and later received the following:

    Trumpdy Dumpdy ran on a wall
    Trumpdy Dumpdy had a great fall
    Cuz all his voters are miserably dense
    We are all stuck now with Trumpdy and Pence

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  7. Senile dementia? Sounds a bit off the Trump, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t so!

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