“Without A Trace” was a television show where the FBI searched for missing people, often children.

It was a pretty good show. It went off the air a few years ago along with a lot of shows we used to watch. Speaking of “without a trace,” so many of the shows we used to watch have ended and the replacements are … well … not so wonderful.

We like “Bull”, Michael Weatherly’s new one. He’s really still Tony from NCIS, but more mature and a lot less annoying. They have removed his childishness, which was his least attractive characteristic and I’m glad his show is doing well.

We finally turned off “The Black List” the other night. I loved the show when it came on.  James Spader as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington was a complex, lethal, but fascinating character. Somewhere during this past year, they seem to have lost their path. In some attempt to make the show “different,” it merely became intensely brutal and violent with revolving plots about the exact same stuff they supposedly fixed in previous seasons. I hope they find their feet again. Sooner would be nicer than eventually.

So much of our television has moved to the streaming channels of Roku. Netflix and Acorn are the big winners and last night, finally, season five of “House of Cards” came back to our screens.

It’s still an amazing show, but reality has so altered since “House of Cards” went on the air, that the bizarre stuff they are doing in fiction hardly seems crazier than what our so-called government is doing. That is not the fault (obviously) of the show. It just demonstrates how bad things have gotten here in the United States. How terribly frightening. There’s nothing they can do in fiction that we aren’t sure is being done for real in Washington DC.

Yesterday, many shows were talking about the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. We watched him speak. We listened to the elegance of the language, the hopes for our future and the future of the world. We mentally compared it to the travesty of our current government.

Personally, I cringed. The United States has become an embarrassment internationally, a horror show domestically. A shame. An indignation. A frightening joke among the world’s players.

How did we let ourselves fall to this? How could this happen?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

19 thoughts on “WITHOUT A TRACE”

  1. Amid all the current sound and fury, I have flashbacks to my High School graduation. May, 1959. Principal John “Jake” Archer told us “You are on the brink of 1960…..and a new generation of promise, greatness and fulfillment”.

    Still etched in my sense memory


  2. I still love The Blacklist. The last seven or eight episodes of season four made me forget the travesty that was the “baby” plot line. The show has been really good, and I can’t wait for season five to begin!

    I totally agree with your assessment concerning America. How could one person so totally destroy our standing in the world in such a short time? He said he wanted to drain the swamp; well if that is what he did we are now left with the sludge at the bottom. Somehow the swamp was better than the sludge that replaced it.


    1. I’m glad you still like Blacklist. I’m prepared to like it again if they lose about 60% of the brutality.

      As for America, my remaining hope is that if we “fix” this — SOON — we will get back some of what and who we are. But I’m not holding my breath.


  3. Personally, *we* did not *let* it happen. The minority in power made it happen. He won against the popular vote, remember? We did everything we could to prevent it from happening, and yet here we are, with an embarrassment for a president and we stand, frustrated and unsure as to what we can do to get him out of office, and unsure of what we can do to keep it from happening again.

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    1. The GOP can begin by extracting their collective heads from their collective asses and become responsible servants to society, and preservers of our democracy. We can begin by getting rid of the “Electoral College.”

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    2. I would like to assign some blame to the MAJORITY of Americans who didn’t bother to vote because “it wasn’t important” or, as my granddaughter put it, “I just don’t vote.” The non voters weren’t necessarily “disaffected.” Most of them just don’t bother. They think it’s all someone else’s problem.

      WE did what we could, but a lot of people did absolutely nothing and now they are very upset because the nothing they did failed to stop the train wreck. It’s hard to feel sorry for them, but hopefully this will be a very serious teaching experience. Assuming we ever make a break from this mess.

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      1. I have to confess that I was a part of that group many years ago. I believe the thinking was that, “it didn’t matter anyway as my vote didn’t really count.” Well we’ve seen a graphic demonstration, in this election, that, in fact, it doesn’t. That’s why I believe we need to get rid of the Electoral College.., people need to see that their vote CAN count.., and that can’t happen under the present system. From all the chatter, Trump is really upset that he didn’t get the majority vote. He wants it all and is willing to lie and fabricate stories to support his obsession. I’m so pissed at Republicans for allowing this man to be their front runner.., not to mention joining an effort to wreck this democracy. What kind of Americans are these people?

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        1. I understand about the electoral college, but if all Americans or even MOST of them had voted, Trump would have lost. It wouldn’t have been close. It wouldn’t have been and Electoral College victory. He would have LOST. Completely.

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