The difference between two and three dogs is probably the smell … and of course, it is (naturally!) pouring.  Which definitely improved the fragrance.

And I don’t mean it’s raining a little bit. We don’t get trickles of rain. No drizzle. No fog. It is pouring. It has been doing that a lot recently.

We went to be about 1:30 in the morning with three dogs. I woke up at 6:42 this morning being told the original owners (the ones living in a truck) wanted their dog back.

I said “Back to the truck? They want to put Duke in the truck?”

She said she wasn’t happy about this and I said “Think of the dog. I’m pretty sure HE is not going to be happy about it either.” I told Garry and he was downright hostile. Meanwhile, what with the rain pelting down, we needed to push all three of them out the door. They were gathered by the door. Circling. Watching the rain fall. No one was going out.

I told them to go out. With Garry who was sufficiently pissed off and agitated to have gotten up too. They were reasonably amenable. The heavier rain was yet to come and it was only “just raining” as opposed to “pouring.”

Back to bed. Phone rang.

Previous Duke owner: “Never mind.  I got snappy about it and they said, well, okay, I suppose it must be nice for him to have a yard to play in.”

You think? I woke Garry. “The dog is back.”

“Right,” he said.

The phone rang again. This time, it was the bug guy reminding us he’ll be back tomorrow to spray for the damned ants. “Thank you,” I said and went back to sleep for another hour before I got that mental itch that told me it was time to be up and about.

The dogs were gathered in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs again. Watching the door suspiciously and circling. Obviously, they needed to go out. But they don’t like rain.

“Go OUT,” I said. “All of you. Out.” Duke ran upstairs and I chased him around the table in the living room until he fled to the door. Then they all tried to go out at once, which I swear is something they got from watching movies of circus dogs.

“One at a time, you dummies. One dog at a TIME.” I’m sure they do that on purpose to aggravate us.

There were toys everywhere, from front hall, up the stairs, and covering every piece of furniture and floor in the living room. And there was that unmissable “wet dog” smell … something I hadn’t sniffed since Bishop passed. It must be the difference between types of fur on the dogs. Duke has that longish fur while the Scotties have Terrier hair which isn’t fur and smells different. Not better, mind you. Just different.

I looked around, hoping it was just wet dog smell. My reward was that it was only wet dog, nothing more insidious.

About “dumb dogs.” Previous owners assured us Duke isn’t smart. In just about 12 hours, he has figured out how to do anything any other dog does without coaxing from us. So I have to ask what they think a smart dog is like? Do the smart ones have a manual with instructions they memorize? Can they do arithmetic? Calculus? Read in French?

He found the doggy door and can go in and out. Found the water, the toys. Though he has clearly demonstrated he can easily jump both the kitchen and hallway fences, after being firmly told “no,” he stopped trying., at least while I’m looking. I’m pretty sure he was in the kitchen at some point, probably because all the bottles on the floor were knocked over. At least he didn’t eat anything.

That’s smarter than most kids.

They told us he doesn’t like being petted but he doesn’t seem to want anything else and when we aren’t petting him, he waits patiently on the rug in front of us, looking at us searchingly for signs of petting to come. He has located the treat boxes, but hasn’t figure out how to open them. Yet.

How smart was he supposed to be?

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  1. Is it regular practice over there to microchip dogs?

    I think if you find a decent vet and you explain Duke’s background they should be more than happy to help you look after him. If he is chipped then the vet might update the data on it for you?

    Here’s hoping you all stay together for a long time – and a good one! 😉



    • It is becoming standard. None of our dogs is chipped, but all new dogs, pure bred and mutt are getting chipped. There’s a huge industry in stolen pets and not all for good reasons. I think it will be universal for any dog that goes to a real vet very soon.

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  2. He sounds like a smart little guy to me. Figuring out how the house works so quickly. He sounds very teachable, surprising for a dog who has had to deal with owners who didn’t understand dogs. I am puzzled why the first owners, the ones in the truck, got him and then never gave him a name. He has landed on his feet with you and Garry and I hope the former owners won’t pester you again. They had their chance.


    • He IS very teachable. And he is also very sensitive. If you yell at him, even talking very firmly, he gets all cringy. If you don’t, he will jump the fence six times WHILE you are talking to him. Remember Tigger? We should have called him Tigger!!

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  3. Congratulations on your new smart dog. Apparently the dog had previous owner issues. If the dog is young it will definitely be energetic my 18 month old husky is extremely energetic her house mate who is 3 not as energetic but they can play together and include the cats and I in that sometimes. No out side in the rain for either of them thankfully. Hopefully Duke has a long and happy life with you.


    • Most dogs are pretty nutsy for the first two years and then, gradually, start to chill. Maybe his people forgot what puppies are like … and maybe having their college kid bring them a dog when they already had a dog and didn’t really want another didn’t work for them. I’m happy with the result, regardless. I just want the papers so I can get him to be officially ours.

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  4. With all that is ‘wrong’ with this little guy, why in the heck did they want him back? So glad he is staying with you. Those people don’t deserve dogs.

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  5. That must have been so disconcerting when they changed their minds about wanting him back. Clearly they weren’t meant to be Dukes parents.


  6. When my daughter gave me my Mister (the cat) she told me that he wasn’t lovable and that he was standoffish. Nothing could be further from the truth. He’s very snuggly (for a cat) not standoffish at all. I think that pets just need the right owners to shine. Obviously the previous owners just didn’t know what they had, and I’m glad y’all didn’t let him go back to them.


  7. Thankful that Duke is back for good! 🙂 Love the story and all three darling furry kids. xo


  8. “Previous owners assured us Duke isn’t smart.” I think there are more dumb dog owners than dumb dogs…. As far as being patted? Go back to my first statement – smart dogs know which humans understand them.

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  9. He is so cute Marilyn! I found this post quite entertaining, while at the same time my heart went out to you and Garry with all that phone ringing and rain pouring and dog smells lurking!


  10. there’s lots worse smells than wet dog fur.

    He does sorta look like Gaspode, doesn’t he.
    It sounds to me like his former owners assume any dog is dumb and you can’t teach ’em, so why bother? And here you have a dog so dumb now he has figured out an entire house routine by himself. (with maybe a nudge or two from the Other Dogs)

    I am curious as to how big he really is, since a border collie is a fair sized animal and a Boston Terrier isnt (at least not the ones I’ve ever seen–I’d love to see a group picture of him with his new buddies…

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    • He’s about 16 inches tall. The Scotties are 11 and 13 inches t the shoulder. He’s few inches taller, but he is ALL legs. And he is quite lightweight, too. Weighs less than Bonnie (but, as Owen put it, a couple of sacks of bricks are lighter than Bonnie), Measured: 16 inches at the shoulder. MOST of that is leg.

      So a real Border Collie is closer to 19-20 inches at the shoulder and weighs in at least twice what this guy does. And Duke isn’t skinny. He’s a normal weight. I’m sure he’ll fill out as he gets older. A Boston Terrier is actually about 16 inches at the shoulder too, but they are much heavier in the body. Which this guy may be as he grows. He is just really springy.

      Boston Terrier:

      The Boston Terrier is a breed of dog originating in the United States. This “American Gentleman” was accepted in 1893 by the American Kennel Club as a non-sporting breed. Wikipedia
      Hypoallergenic: No
      Height: 15 – 17 in. (At the withers)
      Life span: 13 – 15 years
      Mass: 10 – 25 lbs
      Colors: Brindle & White, Black & White, Seal & White, Brown & White
      Temperament: Lively, Intelligent, Friendly

      As for dumb, I have owned some pretty stupid dogs and this is not one of them. I think they just didn’t really like him all that much. Their dog didn’t like him and they told me he is “crazy energetic,” but he really isn’t. He’s just about as lively as a young dog should be.

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  11. Thanks for the laugh, that was really hilarious. I think you should have named the new boy in town Gaspode after the dog in the Terry Patchett book Holy Wood. You never know he might even be able to talk. He seems to be quite a clever one. You must have some sort of Disc World at your place to bring out the best in him. I would give him a few weeks, and he will have everyone organised.

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  12. I am falling in Love with Duke doggie. That face! ❤ He has a great home with you, Garry and his two doggie buddies. Like a Doggy Comedy show. My hope is that your home will be Duke's FurEver home. All your dogs are wonderful and I enjoy hearing about their doggy adventures.

    I am a Cat person but I grew up with dogs. I have one Tuxedo cat Sylvester. Grew up in St. Albans, Queens, NY. Live in a house with a front and back yard. However as Lil Abner used to say, If I had my druthers I would have a small one level home and have both dogs and cats.

    Grace, Peace & Blessings to you all.

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