For the first time in more than a week, the sun in shining. The air is dry and just warm, not hot. The fullness of summer is upon the land.

Yea, verily and forsooth, too. Summer has come, dragging with it the lust and love of the season.

This past month and a half has shown no evidence of this being one of our better summers. There has been the horror of the rotting front door. The attack of the carpenter ants. The collapse and demise of the hot water heater, not to mention one minor fender bender that has put a dent in our previously perfect front fender. And of course, the continuing insanity of our government.

There have also been a couple of lovely times. The days with Tom and Ellin in Connecticut were a definite “up.” The arrival of Duke the Dogge was another high point and one that shall continue for years to come. One of the most enjoyable parts of adopting a new pet is that they keep making you crazy and laughing for a long time. Vacations pass, but pets are in for the long haul.

Speaking of lust, Duke is one lusty little not-quite-a-boy pooch. One of his most obvious needs is a potent urge to hump Bonnie who, in her elderly wisdom is saying “Get off me you big lump! I’m a lady and I was neutered 9 years ago!”

Poor Duke the Dogge. He is packed full of youthful hormones and seeks only for a passionate humpette. Alas, none is to be found. His hormones will retreat as time moves on, but for the nonce, he’s pretty wild about Bonnie. Her feelings are, to put it politely, mixed. She is cautiously pleased by the attention and equally annoyed by Duke’s persistent nosing of her nether regions. And every time he tries to go “a little too far,” she snarls, then yaps at him for a long time. I swear she is yelling at him for being such a dog.

But what can he do? He is a dog!

The snarling and imploring of the two of them is either a Shakespearean tragedy or comedy. I’m not sure which, but perhaps contains elements of both.

So the summer moves on. I shall take my camera and see if I can acquire pictures of a scene in progress.

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  1. It may be his natural ‘urge’ or it may be Duke seeing how far he can push his boundaries and how high up the pecking order he is. Bonnie will sort him out right enough – if i know anything about the women in your family! πŸ˜‰

    I just hope for everyone’s sake he does not try it with Gibbs! πŸ™‚

    And i’m with Emilio – we don’t need pictures of that!



  2. No photos of Duke and Bonnie, please!

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  3. We’ve all been there before, Duke. We’ve all been there….

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  4. Between you and Ellin, I’m getting quite a chuckle about your dog stories.


  5. Gorgeous Duke. Poor thing…only trying to ‘get his leg over’, as we say. I’m a sucker for dogs- have a German Shepherd [Zeus πŸ™‚ ] Good post πŸ™‚


  6. What an adorable new addition to the family. “Almost” makes me want a second dog.


    • Two was easy. Three, well, not quite as easy. And this IS the end. This guy needed a home and he was local and my granddaughter asked. Otherwise, i don’t think I’d of done it. But he is a happy camper and so are we. Sometimes, you just wait and the dog comes.

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  7. Ihope your summer takes a strong up-turn!


  8. A lovely write and intro to Duke. He’s so cute. I see plenty of antics in the days to come πŸ™‚


  9. He might annoy Bonnie, but he looks like a bundle of fun, especially with his trade mark of the tongue hanging out. That must have some sort of doggy meaning. Yes the summer has now arrived completely, and I am also trying to make the most of it. Last week I lost my hearing for two days and this week my left leg is striking, although that also can only get better I hope. It is great to get out and go places in Summer. Next week-end I will not be here very much, we are spending the week-end with No. 2 son in the area of Schaffhausen where he lives (I hope).


    • He is fun and funny and very playful. Bonnie is just being Bonnie. To be fair, lady dogs are only interested in the boys during their season. The rest of the time, they get pretty snappish about it. They are on — or OFF. She’s permanently OFF.

      The tongue hanging out means “I want to play.” What we call “play face.” An angry dog never looks like that. I love his one ear up, one down thing. Also, it’s a lot easier to shoot a black and white dog than two all black dogs. Contrast, yay!

      I hope your leg gets better really quickly. I’m hoping you’ll stay in the “it comes and goes” category for a long time to come!

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  10. A very good post and nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!


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