I wrote a post the other day when the white race riot at Charlottesville, Virginia was going on. It got an unusually large number of hits and comments. Marilyn wrote on the topic also and I noticed again, the high amount of … conversations. And the main question was, what the hell do we do with these morons? These marching morons?

Actual morons. Marching.

How do we deal with this evil, these vile excuses for human beings, these … morons?  I don’t know, but I have some ideas to throw out. They may work, they may not. Most people seem to want to convert these idiots, understand them, talk to them, swipe right when you see them on Tinder.

The thing is, this approach doesn’t seem to be working out so well. But I just read an article on how the tech world is handling the problem. Facebook and Twitter have suspended the accounts of identified white supremacists. Go-Daddy, Google and other ISPs will no longer host Nazi, KKK and white supremacist’s websites.

These morons are getting fired from their jobs when people recognize them from their news photos.  The Klan at least knew enough to hide under sheets.

This is the part where the morons who read these posts (Yeah, I have a few on Facebook when I post these blogs there) are fuming. They are furious. They’re going “What about our First Amendment rights!!!!? You fired me because I exercised my First Amendment rights! This is Obama’s fault!”

And that brings me to the point. Your first amendment rights mean you can say whatever you want, no matter how evil or vile or repugnant it is. And nobody can stop you. But here’s the other part we all seem to forget.


My Precious! These idiots are morons!

You don’t have the right to have your evil, vile, repugnant vitriol published by any social media service. They are all companies that have their own standards about acceptable content. They have every right to fire you, cancel you or close your account.

You can stand on a street corner and spout your crap, but nobody is required to pay any attention to you. Soap boxes are hard to come by these days, but consider an old tree stump. Very traditional.

In ancient cultures, one of the most severe punishments that could be meted out to a towns person, or tribe member who had done something wrong was “shunning”. The entire town would not talk to, deal with or even recognize the person being punished.

Eventually the person would leave town. The punishment was severe. Think about it. Nobody in the world would acknowledge you existed.

Hey. I’m talking to you. The Moron!

Maybe that’s what we need to do. Shun them in person and online. Google, Facebook, etc. already started it. The Virginia Governor said it in clear language. “You are not welcome here.”

When these morons stage a march. Go. Line the streets where they are marching. Turn your backs and ignore them. If they talk to you, tell them to “talk to the hand,” and walk away.

If they are going to some site to protect some stupid statue, let them. Don’t show up. No news coverage.Nothing.

Recently hundreds of these morons showed up to “protect Confederate memorials in Gettysburg from being defiled by the left.” The “left” never showed up. There are no Confederate memorials at Gettysburg. All that happened was one of the more moronic of the moron Trump supporters shot himself in the foot. 

Yes, he shot himself in the foot. That was a successful event.

That’s the template for these types of events. But if you need to show up at these events, and you can’t ignore them, mock them. Yelling doesn’t work. Fighting only helps their cause. Trying to reason with them is like teaching a pig to fly. You frustrate yourself and you annoy the pig.

I’m working on mocking white supremacist jokes, but all I’ve got so far is ripping off Jeff Foxworthy:

“If you go to family reunions to meet women, you just might be a white supremacist.

“If you walk your eight-year-old child to school every day because you are in the same grade, you just might be a white supremacist.”

“If you think Tiki Torches and polo shirts inspires fear in the liberal élite, you just may be a white supremacist.”

OK, the last one was mine, but you see where I’m going.

Oh, and if I’ve offended any white supremacists by calling you morons throughout this  post. I apologize. When I went to charm school, they taught me to say moron instead of asshole.

P.S. Anyone who catches the short story title reference, gets double points and years supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat.



  1. I noted immediately your reference to the 1950 C. M. Kornbluth short story “The Marching Morons.” Please send my “double points” (whatever they may be, or be for) and year’s supply of Rice-A-Roni to the postal address that’s on the front page of my web-site at … I assume you mean it, and I am not particular about flavor, so buy whichever one(s) you find on sale.

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  2. Did you find that H.L. Menckin quote? Whoever found it, it is wonderfully, deliciously, and perfectly on point. You could dance to that quote. Sing ye choirs! I spend at least half an hour every day trolling the cartoon sites. Even if I don’t know when I’ll use them, I collect them because these guys are SO good!

    I knew the story too, but I didn’t know the author’s name or the date … and I think I have an ancient package of Rice-a-Roni hiding behind the corn meal in my cabinet. I don’t know when it arrived and it is sure to still be there whenever I am loosed from this earth. I had two, you know, and one day, I said “What the fuck” and cooked us up a batch. Then I offered it to the dogs and they whimpered.

    Evil stuff. Evil, I’m telling you. Maybe if we make America’s Neo-Nazi-Knuckleheads live on a diet of this crap, they will mend their ways?

    Garry is on his way to New York shortly. He is going because younger brothers 3 and 2 cannot converse and Garry is required to mediate. No, seriously, they can’t talk to each other. My 75 year old tired husband has to go to New York to try and free the hostage (I think that would be the middle brother and the hostage taker would be The Professor, the younger one with the Huge Ego). Garry is driving because we aren’t doing airplanes these days. Just getting into the airport in really, really downtown Boston — then out of the airport to Long Gisland takes longer than a drive even with heavy traffic. It does leave me here without a car since we sold the yellow one months ago. Take pity on me. Write frequently.

    I got Mass Effect running. I needed to click on their site and fill in a form, but I was flustered. It took me about two minutes at home, un-flustered. But I still haven’t PLAYED it. I haven’t had time. I seem to be writing all the time. Which isn’t so weird being that is mostly what I do but I have a ukulele waiting for me to play it and I’m not learning chords this way. I can’t move to Hawaii until I get the ukulele in hand, as it were.

    And then there are the insane dogs.

    I need to start a new blog, I’m going to call it “Mr. Bluster Speaks to America” and he will NOT be seeking intelligence on earth. We NEED another blog. A really STUPID ONE. We can tell them anything and if we write it well, they will believe it. Every single word we say will become the word of Gods — and they will worship us with gold bouillon and great words of praise.

    Then, we will have our own alt-middle-news network. Rupert Murdoch will offer us gazillions to run it! We’ll be rich!

    Just saying.

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  3. Your post and comment have taken my breath away. I need my breath to play the flute. Marilyn, you’d better get busy with that ukulele because I have a hunch the ukulele and flute would go very nicely together.


  4. I love the memes! (Maryjane with that moustache is HOTT!) 😉

    I’m all for the ignoring idea as i think it is a big mistake to fight hate with hate or irrationality with more, but opposed forms/sides, of the same. Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. —Proverbs 26:4. The idea of marching to show you oppose the idiots marching is not such a wise idea if you think about it. As Mr Twain so aptly put it – do not argue with a fool – onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.

    Rather than directly opposing and denying those whose opinions are abhorrent to the majority, the majority should (as well as shunning the idiots) make regular and prominent announcements of what they believe is the Right thing to do – promote your belief to your community above the abhorrent one that people can better see the differences between you and them.

    Do not return evil for evil but do good (show good) to those who would abuse you. (1 Peter 3:9, Matt 5:44)

    It’s a New Testament (not a ‘biblical’) thing. 😉

    Clearly NOT something White Supremacists agree with or adopt themselves, making them Anti-Christian.

    Lastly – THANK YOU TOM for helping me see my own error in hating these PEOPLE that up until this point i have been abusing and calling idiots, making me yet another hypocrite who does not do what he believes in, or that is the right way to behave. I’m not perfect – i often fall into old habit but i can catch myself and improve – particularly with the help of those of similar heart and mind.



      1. There’s a thought….! 😉

        What do you think they would do if everyone painted themselves all over in whitewash and marched WITH them??? They could hand out ‘make yourself white and great again’ kits!

        I think it’d confuse the hell out of them.

        ( I AM joking! We need to keep a sense of humour, right?) 🙂



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