“Dignity. Always dignity,” said Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) in “Singin’ In The Rain.”

A perfect description of our lives. Yep. Dignity and nothing but. Dignity as the dogs attack our toes, leap gates, and laugh at our attempts at discipline.

“NO!” you say in your firmest voice.

“Bark, yap, chortle,” says Duke.

“Urk,” says Bonnie.

“Grumble,” comments The Duke.

We do not dignify, nor do we knight or enthrone in this household. But I did take a few pictures. Actually, there’s a story about the pictures.

I was looking through my cameras because I’ve got cameras hanging around which I haven’t used for years. A few are broken, but others were just unfortunate choices, discarded in favor of cameras take better photographs. This was one of those. An old Canon A something, I forget which.

That was long after they stopped making the good Canon A-series. That group ended in the 500s. My last good one was an A-530 (I think). After they started their “new batch,” the lens quality went way down. Everything went downhill.

So now, here I am holding a long unused Canon A. It needed four AA batteries. I put in the batteries. Stuck a chip in the holder. Took some pictures.

A camera that really works — very well indeed!

The pictures are good, but the camera was crap. The results were so grainy they looked as if they were taken through an old window screen. I realized that was why I gave up on that camera series. I saved the pictures, though — and dumped the camera. No one would want it and I doubt it would make it to a museum.

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  1. Love the ‘posed’ shots of you and Duke! 🙂

    Pretty much all my shots on my website are taken with a Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd. Quite light and compact but about 6 years old and has been greatly superceded in performance by later models.



    • I was just testing a VERY old camera that wasn’t particularly good when new and is much worse now. After these pictures, I pitched it. I keep saving useless things and decided just this once, get rid of it.


  2. The quote drew me in….now I will be singing excerpts from that memorable film–thanks! 🙂

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  3. I would have to call those photos -” The Thinkers”. Even Duke looks like he’s thinking.

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  4. I think the photos turned out quite well. Especially the picture of you…I do like the soft focus. Whether that was meant to be or not, it is a pretty photo.


  5. I need a new camera because the one I have is so unreliable, so thanks for the tip. Besides Olympus, what kind of camera would you recommend? I want it for travel with a point-and-shoot feature as well as telephoto capability with both automatic and manual settings.


    • ALL cameras are point and shoot today, from the most expensive to the cheapest. But for a good point and shoot — Panasonic, Sony, Canon — all good. Olympus makes a great outdoors-all terrain camera, but otherwise, their point & shoots are just OK. The good ones have gotten kind of pricey. I know because I was looking yesterday. The one thing I’m missing is a little camera I can tuck in my bag. I used to have little Panasonics – the SZ — I had a 15, 19 and 20 … and then they changed the design, so they still make them, but they are more expensive, but still good. But my little Pentax Q7 and S1 are tiny enough and I don’t see the point in buying a different camera when I can use what I have.

      Check out Adorama and Amazon and other camera selling sites. Do NOT buy one from “just anybody” because that’s a good way to get ripped off. Make sure you can return it if you don’t like it!


  6. You look completely different in that picture. I seem to be stuck with my DSLR Nikon cameras, but I quite like them. I have one Canon, not DSLR, just pick and shoot but very good quality. I gave it to Mr. Swiss when I got my smaller Nikon, but he gave it back – pefers mobile phone photos. So I have the choice I suppose.

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    • The older Canon automatics were GREAT. They stopped making them some years ago and I haven’t found anything I like as much. It’s not that I don’t have enough cameras, but something really small that I can leave in my bag would be nice. Everything I’ve got takes up more room than I have available.

      The reason I look so different is that the picture was so grainy, you could barely see me, so I cleaned it up … and removed ALL my wrinkles and bulges.

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  7. Is that a recent pic of you? I have to say the pooch, can’t remember which is which, looks quite dignified or perhaps wonderous as you click the pic. Really enjoyed this write up too. Some cameras are so much better than others, then again it could be we feel more comfortable with them. I lost my camera when the x left. It was a Minolta something or other and was a dream. We had Pentax and one in particular was pretty spectacular. Sometimes, it’s almost as though a camera is meant for one person only. I know that sounds fanciful, but often (in our case at the time) it suited one not the other or vice-versa.


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