Did you vote? Did you think if you didn’t vote someone would do it for you … like maybe a proxy? You know we don’t do that in this country. No democracy allows proxy voting. You can vote by mail, but you are still the person voting. No proxy. You. Always you. So if you didn’t go to a booth or mail it in, you didn’t vote. No matter how many protests you go to now, it’s too late. You blew it.

Was there anybody with half a brain who did not know the Democratic National Committee was firmly committed to Hillary Clinton long before the DNC convention? Was there anyone shocked by this revelation — especially one being made by someone who was part of the problem in the first place?

If you were shocked, what dark hole were you living in before the election? Did you really believe deals for huge amounts of money to run gigantic, organized electoral campaigns — which go on for years — are made on a wish and a handshake? Seriously?

I’m not saying this because I’m so cynical. This stuff is obvious. Of course they were committed to Clinton. Obviously. Of the candidates to whom they could be committed, I was okay with Hillary. She had earned her shot at it over the years. Hard work and 8 years as first lady and another bunch in the senate. And she is one smart cookie.

How naïve are you? If you are so naïve, maybe it’s time you get it together with reality. The one in which you live. We are never going to like all the stuff that goes on in our world. We will always be making compromises between the ideal — and with what we can live.

I could have lived with Hillary Clinton as president. I am having the devil’s own time surviving Donald Trump. It never crossed my mind for a moment that there weren’t a thousand deals in place to put her up as the candidate. Given the options? I was fine with the choice. I thought she could make a pretty good president. I didn’t think Bernie would accomplish anything much even if elected. An old guy with head full of ideas and ideals — with little or no research behind them. Ideas are great, but the presidency requires more than good ideas.

It requires leverage. Connections. Enough dirt on the people you’ll need to bribe, beg, and bedazzle if you want to accomplish any of your goals. Even had he won, he didn’t then or now have the stuff he would need to lead.

He also didn’t do his homework. The numbers he put up to go with his ideas were about as realistic as Trump’s, which is to say NOT. We liked his ideas better, but that didn’t make them more viable. Bernie had zero chance of turning his concepts into reality.

But hey, what do I know, right?

I actually don’t know how you can survive in a modern environment with so little understanding of how the world works. It boggles my mind.

You know what I do know? I could never be president. Of anything, much less the U.S. Forget about ill-health. I couldn’t make those decisions. I couldn’t survive the oval office. Moreover, I do not know anyone who could do it better than me.

I know people who want power are supposed to be the last ones who should get it … but would it be okay if the people who do get it have the wits to manage it? The intelligence to understand it? The presidency isn’t anything like being mayor of a small town. Being President is a big deal — except we have an incompetent moron as president. He knows nothing. Will never know anything. Doesn’t care that he knows nothing. It’s all about the money and the power. He wanted to be god and we made him one.

Now, we are trying to live with it.

If you still think (a) not voting, (b) voting for some a third-party idiot, or (c) voting for the Orange Moron to express your displeasure with the status quo, was perfectly fine? You’re a moron too.

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    • I was surprised to discover how many other writers/authors/political writers agree with me. Everyone talks about how he appealed to his “base,” those “dissatisfied” Americans. But I think it has nothing to do with dissatisfaction and everything to do with hatred. His base are haters. They hate anyone who isn’t white and they hate anyone who isn’t “their kind” of Christian. They hate Jews and Muslims and if they are Protestant, they probably hate Catholics. AND if Catholics, they hate Protestants. They just hate and all these years, they have had to hide their hatred and be polite to people they hate. To work with people they hate.

      But now, NOW … they have a president who hates just like they do. They have been rejuvenated. I have such a bad feeling about the way things are going. There is real evil afoot in America.


  1. Applause. Applause. I have come to the unhappy conclusion that Trump voters, and that includes a few friends with whom I do not discuss politics, are basically, perhaps even secretly bigoted.They harbor resentment or hatred for women’s rights, or people of a different color or religion, or monetary position. Trump spoke to their inner bigotry. He is a stupid man, but a canny one, too, a mouthy-mouthy blowhard who panders to the arrogance of the ignorant.


  2. I am Canadian so it s not like I could vote. I was rooting for Bernie. But after reading this, your words ring true. It is all about connections, blackmail and bribes. Hillary would have been good at that.


  3. P.S. I don’t think Bernie ever imagined winning. I think his attempt at office was about getting the Dems to respect the progressive platform and institute some of it. Was that a good or bad idea? I don’t know but it’s time will never come as long as the word “socialism” = totalitarianism in the minds of some of the idiocrats of this nation. It’s a good-old-boys’ world still. 😦


    • I don’t know WHAT Bernie was intending. I do think whatever he was doing, in the end he hurt the cause he was trying to help and I don’t think anyone benefited. I don’t understand why socialism is a dirty word in this country. I’ve lived under socialism and it has its flaws, but overall I think it works a little better than what we’ve got in ways that I think are important to living humans. I’m just so weary of people who look blankly at me and say “But that’s not HONEST!” as if politics has EVER been honest anywhere at any time in any society. It is time that people came out of whatever stupor they are living in and got in touch with reality. Because right now, I don’t even know what you’d call what we are living in. It must be real because I can’t seem to make it go away.


  4. It was an awful election. For me it was the devil I know vs. the one I suspect is an idiot as well as a devil. I dislike Hillary Clinton but I thought, given the alternative, she could do the job. Anyway, it stunk and I don’t think people who didn’t vote are morons. Our system needs a “white” or “blank” vote. Voting for “none of the above” needs to be an option, needs to be counted and it needs to matter. We have no way in this country to vote “no confidence.” I also think polls need to keep their mouths shut. I still think we might not have the douchebag from hell in office if the polls had not given Hillary such tremendous odds of winning that people thought it would cost nothing to vote against her. I think that happened.


    • There are times to take up a “position” and times that are sufficiently dangerous to do what needs doing. Because otherwise, you wind up with Donald Trump as president and no health care, with polluted water, and unbreatheable air.

      Was it worth it? I think not.

      Also, I don’t think most non-voters HAD a position. They said and this is a quote not from one, but from many, that “their vote didn’t matter.” That’s not a position. It’s apathy.

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      • I think “my vote doesn’t matter” is true for the majority of voters. Our system needs an overhaul. I don’t think you or I can speak for anyone but ourselves. I think what’s happening now is probably necessary and it certainly woke up a lot of people. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we could be in the middle of a revolution— I think we are. Apathy is “who cares?” I don’t see that.


        • Well, I’ve seen a lot of “who cares.” I would be happier to NOT have seen it. Revolution? Maybe just a terrible mess. Then again, maybe it’s the same thing. I’ve never been in a revolution no matter what anyone said. What I’m seeing are people too busy to be bothered to know anything much. If that’s a revolution, it’s kind of sad.


  5. Hearty applause. I had a non-conversation (what I call trying to discuss logically any part of this mess with someone who supports that oval office idiot) with someone yesterday. They were going on and on and on about how “he deserves a chance” and “why do people keep picking on him” and other inanities that almost made my lunch reappear. I didn’t want to argue with this person, I’ve tried that and got nowhere, like the old saw about the drunk arguing with a pig “It went nowhere and it really annoyed the pig”… not that either party was a drunk or a off track. ANYWAY…I asked her, how, as a woman raised during the past several decades (she’s an old hippy chick and liberal as they come, she voted FOR Hillary) could support that orange bag of hot air? She said “He deserves a CHANCE” with a stubborn look on her face. I said “Well can you explain to me why? All I see is an overgrown child having tantrum after tantrum and making America as a whole look moronic”. She did not reply. I know at least half a dozen people who have the same viewpoint as she does. He deserves a chance? Why doesn’t he give America a chance and gracefully step down, taking his corrupt V.P. and everyone in that mess with him..? Ooops. Forgot. “They” (those who believe he still will ‘make America Great Again”) apparently out-number those with some common sense and ethics. We’re so doomed.


    • Yup. And I have absolutely no more patience with these people. Obviously they are living in some kind of fantasy world where reality never intrudes. You can’t have a conversation with them and I don’t even want to try. If I live long enough to see us through this horror show, I bet all those people will pretend they NEVER SAID THAT STUFF. They are in such total denial now, they can simply change directions and deny what’s going on now. I’ve really HAD it. I never thought I’d say that.


  6. Gave you “top billing”on this puppy. GREAT!


  7. We feel your angst in Canada too.


  8. I don’t know enough about American politics to discuss, but I do know that Trump is a big joke but I can’t laugh. His mistakes are dangerous.

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  9. Well said, Marilyn. I couldn’t agree more. I, too, liked Bernie’s ideas, but had he somehow been able to win the nomination, in the general election, there was simply no way he could have won…almost regardless of who the Republicans ran against him.


    • He didn’t have policies. He had ideas. Good ideas. Ideas with which I agreed, but the numbers were ridiculous and he was — even if elected — going to be another fangless president. It seems like a long time since we’ve had an effective leader, doesn’t it?

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      • Given that the Republicans did everything they could to block nearly everything he tried to do, I thought Obama was a relatively effective president. I just wish he would have released more information about what he knew about Russia’s efforts to interfere with the election last year. Maybe if he had, we wouldn’t be stuck with the ignorant moron who currently occupies the Oval Office.


      • We voted. I was among the many cynical but naive people who thought “No way Bozo would be elected”. Wrong, Clarabell breath!! Today, seemingly an eternity after the election, it still feels like a bad dream.
        “I Wake Up Screaming” (42/Fox – Bette Grable, Victor Mature, Carole Landis, Laird Cregor)




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