Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe there’s just nothing going on. For the first time in quite a while, the weather is nice. Not warm, but not bitterly cold, either.

In this moment, Bonnie and Gibbs are outside, while Duke is asleep on the sofa. No, change that. Duke just decided he needs to go out, too. And Bonnie thinks a brief fit of barking would be good. Probably just to liven things up.

Nesting time, for dogs and humans.

Duke with Gibbs

Gibbs with Duke



A quiet day in the house. Garry is still sleeping. I’m going to do a little pre-Thanksgiving prep — if I ever detach from the computer. The sun is finally out and I could use another cup of coffee. Meanwhile, the last of the brown leaves from the oak trees are drifting down, like a leafy shower.

11 thoughts on “NESTING PUPS

  1. They love looking out that window! Of course, my cats do too…. mainly Biskit. He’s still inquisitive about what’s outside, but Ody’s taken too many trips to the vet. He knows what is out there, and would just as soon pretend outside doesn’t exist!

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    • They are totally hung on that window. All three of them. The sit there, watch what’s going on and decide if it’s worth going out to bark at it. Pretty funny. Our dogs used to just go and bark. Now, they take a long look at the property and decide. Poor things, too tired to go up and down the stairs?


      • Eeyore and Smokey have taken to sleeping either on me, partially under me, or scrunched up next to me and each other. Don’t think it is because they SENSE the coming winter though………….probably because nights have been in the low 20s and I haven’t fired up the wood stove yet!


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