And then, just to follow up with something so your brain is fully reset this final Sunday in November:
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE – WHITE RABBIT & SOMEBODY TO LOVE – from American Bandstand, 1967 (!)

So there’s some serious percussion — “In A Gadda Da Vida” was THE percussion solo in its day.Β  Followed by Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane doing “White Rabbit” … on American Bandstand, no less. With Dick Clark. A minor conflict of cultures in bloom.

Happy Sunday!

40 thoughts on “IN A GADDA DA VIDA BABY

  1. Wow, did I ever learn a lot about some of your Followers (and MINE) by reading all these comments while listening to the songs. Whew! What a time, eh?

    The percussion solo, well, how could anyone sit still…swaying, head bobbing, or up and spinning around the room!

    This was great!!

    By the way, the comment above on the old folks home 20 years from now? (I can’t find it now…too music-stoned I guess) made me think of this amazing Sundance Documentary called…well, I can’t think of that either…the song is at the part where someone is sawing on a guitar with a kitchen knife or something…anyway, I guest-posted about Music recently and at the end, have a news clip about Music and the elderly…

    Now, if you could not follow all that, well, uh, you are probably still listening to this music as you read comments it also.

    I’m re-blogging this right now, Marilyn, if I can just remember how…


    • I’m glad it’s not just me. I can’t remember anything. I used to forget either before I did “it” or after I had done “it,” but NOW I forget while I am in the middle of doing “it.” Whatever “it” “is.”

      By the time we are all incarcerated in the home for the entirely lost, the only thing we WILL remember is the music!!

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      • That’s what this documentary is about. Using music of their youth with checked out elderly nursing home residents. Snaps them right back out of it for a while. Reminds me of the Oliver Sacks story, Awakenings.


  2. I lived with a guy who used to play that Iron Butterfly thing all the time. I couldn’t take it anymore so I stuck it in the oven and warped it. Then hung it on the wall. Looked pretty good there.
    I never got tired of the Airplane tho.

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  3. Blink, Grace! She does, but not enough, and my eyes water for her… I think she (back in ’67 at least) would say that I’m not doing enough acid or I’d know whey she wasn’t blinking. Should parents worry? Yes. (Love the honest answer πŸ˜‰ ) All of that said, White Rabbit is one of my favorites from that time period.


  4. Weird. In a godda Davida was run in thru my head yesterday. Trivia note the song was supposed to be called In The Garden Of Eden but the lead singer was so wasted it came out Inna Godda Davida. Ah the good old days.

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  5. Gracie Slick had one of the most amazing voices out there. It still takes my breath away. There’s a fascinating interview with her, and she said she couldnt even sing softly, that was the only way she knew to sing, was belt it out.

    Thanks, Marilyn. For a little while, I was 20, going somewhere in someone’s car, with the radio up full blast. Maybe I still am, in another life.

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