With the pointless removal of Net Neutrality — a proposition against which 22 million American objected this time around — they did it anyway. As if letting us have anything going for us offended our lords and masters.

We used to have an elected government. Now, we have vicious little kings in their nasty little domains, set up to take it all and give it to those who need it least from those who needed it most. From healthcare — at which they have not yet succeeded in depriving us, but wait for it — to the loss of net neutrality, the goal of this government is to collect taxes from the poor and shovel the money to the already-too-rich-for-their-own-good.

Our government at work

Meager? Our “working” government are a bunch of Scrooges who never saw a ghost. They will not rest until they have wrested everything they can from us and left us poorer by far than when they arrived.

I have long ceased to ask why. These are men who have no conscience, no vision of the future, no love, no compassion. They are cold, hard, mean-spirited men and I hope with all my heart that we toss them out on their asses as soon as legally possible. Sooner if Mueller gets his act together. Who knows how much damage they can do in the meantime?


  1. I’m not sure it’s as simple as being a bunch of Scrooges. We had a Prime Minister and Treasurer a while ago (we got rid of them pdq) who apparently had no understanding whatsoever – no vague concept – of the fact that those further down the social and economic scale were not somehow subhuman, of lesser value, mere hangers-on who should be grateful for crumbs from the rich man’s table.
    It’s an attitude America seems to be demonstrating not just financially and socially, but racially and sexually as well – that rich white men are innately superior and therefore entitled. It’s an attitude that seems to me (from the outside) to have been brewing for while, just coming to ultimate fruition in Trump’s government.
    How you root it out I have no idea, particularly when it costs so much to get yourself elected to Congress.

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    • I agree. This is not out of the blue. It has been brewing since this country became a country … maybe even before that. I thought we had managed to move beyond it, but apparently not. Maybe we need to deal with it directly because everything else has failed.


  2. It’s my understanding that Net Neutrality means not only do you pay for your internet service provider, but to see other content, you would ALSO pay AT & T or whichever provider contains the information you WISH to see. So I’d say this changes the internet! Limits free speach, limits what you see, limits information, limits the outlook you are given, as it will only be available and viewable from the extent the “owner” of said information releases it. This is utter bullshit!

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      • True we do,but after this last election I truly think everyone’s eye’s were really opened,I for one was,I really see how corrupt the MSM is and just how messed up our whole gov’mt’s policies truly are,when it could be so much better and we could all have faith once again in out gov’mt,yrs, ago Alexis Tocqueville said about America,America is great because she is good,if America ceases to be good America will cease to be GREAT,


  3. I surely agree with you 100%,never in my life did I think that our gov’mt would reach an all time low,with more Billionaires now than ever those fools still cannot get enough money,get your geriatric asses out and get new people in office that are for the people,and not finding way’s to line you pockets,our gov’mt has become so corrupt it is pathetic,it does not help the people period,just as Obama gave untold Billions to the Iranian’s,it could of been used here,and Mr.Trump start fixing our infrastructure,Jobs,Taxes,anything to help the people you politician’s line your pockets with our money,how do you people sleep at night? I guess GREED has no conscience,do your jobs,or leave,

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    • Greed has no conscience but you know what? It isn’t just greed. There’s something basically WRONG with these men. As if compassion, kindness, caring, humanity simply never became part of their world. They really do not care how much they hurt others and it isn’t just money. They are principled savages.

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