I haven’ t been getting out much since winter began. I can’t get it together with stomping through snow, or rain, or mud. I’ve gone to the doctor with Garry and the grocery store a few times. I’ve even gone out on the balcony and shot a few pictures there.

But mostly, I’ve been in the house. Reading — or more accurately, listening. Except I’m also reading (text reading) too.

The Duke

In between, when my dogs do something particularly cute, I grab a camera and take a few pictures.Β 

I was watching The Duke standing on top of the sofa, watching outside. The neighbors must have been outside. Whenever they emerge, he goes completely wacko. Anyone would think they’d done something bad to him! He tries to fling himself through the dining room French doors by knocking down the gate.


Then he races to the living room, stands on the top of the sofa and growls. Barks. And finally, stands in front of us and whimpers. He really has a spite on those people. You’d think they did something bad to him, wouldn’t you?

Sometimes, he just likes to stand watch on the back of the sofa. He likes the height. It gives him a great view of the neighbors driveway.


(Race to dining room,)


(Race to living room.)

(Leap to sofa.)


“Duke, chill. Good grief, calm down!”


“Duke, it’s the neighbors. They live there. They aren’t going to leave no matter how much you bark. Calm down! Garry, did you give him his Prozac?”

I took some pictures. As soon as he saw me with the camera, he decided he needed to get really close to the lens. If I try to back off, he’ll just move up on me, so I do the best I can.Β 

Duke is a pretty good subject, though. Unlike Bonnie and Gibbs, he has enough white in his coat to reflect light and be visible, even if the room isn’t very bright.

He is a good boy. Total wacko, of course.Β 

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

32 thoughts on “DUKE THE DOG”

  1. Fierce? I thought he looked particularly worn out and forlorn… like he’d just put in a full day’s barking and warning for you, making sure the neighbours did not sneak up on you unawares, and there was STILL no treats in sight! πŸ˜‰

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  2. I don’t blame you, Duke. And, Duke, my dog, Bear, barks for fun and she barks to protect the house when I’m taking a shower and shut away in the bathroom. She barks continuously while that is happening, a constant warning to all and sundry that they’d better not get to close to THIS place. πŸ˜€

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    1. I don’t (mostly) mind the barking unless I’m trying to have a conversation — phone or otherwise — and ALL I can hear is barking. Generally, the only time he does continuous barking is if they neighbors are outside. He has a serious spite on them.

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  3. He’s just doing his job…’guarding’ his pack, his territory and making sure that his people KNOW what evil may lurk in the hearts of unvetted (or vetted) intruders… Huny does that to the UPS and FedEx people, and the mailperson. She can be somewhere with no windows, but hears the sound of the truck (I guess. That or she’s psychic) and goes bananas. Snarls and growls and barks until the offending person and vehicle leave. So I guess our furry ones all have triggers..? Great photos as usual!

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