How To Debunk And Deconstruct Every Argument From Anti-Vaxxers?

I find “flat-earthers” bizarre (and stupid) beyond words. I find most far right leaning people too weird to talk to. But I have a special hatred of the “anti-vaxxers.” These are people who — denying all science and rationality — put all of us in danger. They urge the ancient lethal diseases back to ravage us. They put me, my children, and my grandchildren in real life-and-death danger because they can’t believe facts when they see them.

These people are not only stupid. They are dangerous and frankly, any un-vaccinated child should be prevented from attending school. In my opinion, they should be kept away from any public function or group activity. It may not be their fault, but they are walking, talking death traps.

These people and their families need their own island … far away from the rest of us.

Vaccines work by introducing a weakened form of the germ to your body, so that the immune system can learn to recognize it. Your body then builds its defenses so it’s prepared to fight off a real attack later in life. And no, vaccines do not cause autism. They neither give you peanut allergy.


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Further Readings and References @ Vaccine InformationHistory of VaccinesScientific AmericanSparkonit

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

18 thoughts on “How To Debunk And Deconstruct Every Argument From Anti-Vaxxers?”

    1. Yes. But it’s also good to remember that your superstitions are not the same as a medical or scientific alert. We didn’t banish small pox by thinking pure thoughts. Whooping cough and measles are back, too. How long before we’ve also got diphtheria and polio too?

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  1. My mother, a RN, made sure that I was vaccinated for every known disease there was a vaccine for when they adopted me. While nothing is ever 100% safe for 100% of the population, vaccines are essential and life saving. My mother grew up before the polio vaccine was available and told me horror stories of the children & adults on breathing machines that they would never be free of. A life lived inside as tube, never being able to move, feed yourself, or take care of bodily functions. And they usually didn’t live long. Many crippled for life when their legs became useless, measles that blind (German), Tetanus that locks your muscles, especially in the jaw and neck. The terrible diseases that maim, cripple, and kill that we are free of today because of vaccines. Yes, there are children that have reactions, but they are few and far between. And you are 100% correct in saying that they do not cause autism, peanut allergies, or many of the other silly things these nuts claim. Why anyone would put their children and those who come into contact with them in mortal danger is beyond me. But insane people frequently leave me flabbergasted.


    1. I was five when the vaccine came to my school. We all lined up. I remember how happy everyone’s family was to know that finally, summer was not “polio” season. It was a hideous disease.

      If NOT vaccinating your kids was only going to affect your own kids, okay. But it is a public issue. You send your unvaccinated kid to school and he brings disease with him. That’s why whooping cough is back full bore and a lot of babies and old people are dying of it.

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  2. When I first heard about anti vaxxers, I was surprised because where I come from, vaccines are compulsory. It’s a crime to not follow the vaccination regimen set by our ministry of health as it is called “intentional harm to society”. I don’t understand why anti vaxxers believe in internet articles more than hard facts and journals. I hope their numbers stay low so that at least herd immunity can help us out.


    1. We USED to have those laws. I don’t know why we don’t still have them. NO un-vaccinated kids should be allowed into schools. If fools want to believe the idiots on the Internet, fine … but a plague on their house please, not mine.


  3. It’s a big debate here too. We have our share of anti vaxers and assorted flat earthers too. I was stunned when I first realised that there were people who believed vaccinations are harmful. Is it because they don’t teach science much in schools now? I know I learned about how these discoveries were made in my early school years and I never had reason to doubtthe facts. Is it the religious right? Honestly sometimes I think our society is regressing and I am glad I won’t be around in another 50 years to see what we’ve become.

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