A BOSTONIAN NIGHTMARE – RDP #6 – Marilyn Armstrong

Nightmares in Tandem

I actually did have one and it woke me up. It didn’t wake me up because it was so awful, but because I have a bad habit of letting one leg drop off the bed. It hangs in the air and twists so I wake up with my knee throbbing.

I really have to stop doing that.

The thing was, I was dreaming about Garry. Visiting him when he was in Boston and I was still in New York. Every time I wanted to talk to him, another woman showed up. There were women all over the place. Also, there were six baby ducks who seemed to be the babies of a couple of iron ducks on Boston Commons. Weird little ducklings who looked almost like fish, except when they looked exactly like ducklings.

Garry didn’t have anything in the house to feed them (he never did) except pretzels. I was pretty sure they needed real food, which I was going to the grocery to buy.

But all those women were really getting on my nerves and then the knee began to hurt. I realized that I had been married to Garry for a long time and all I had to do was wake up.

I woke up. Both arms were asleep. I had to physically lift my leg back into bed. I really have to stop doing that. Sooner or later, the rest of me will also fall out of bed and it wouldn’t be the first time.

Once I got all the various parts of me into bed, I snuggled up to Garry until my arms fell asleep again, but by then it was time to get up anyway.

Meanwhile, Garry told me HE was having a dream about women and realizing he wasn’t going to go there because he had another relationship (yes, dear, you really do!), so we were having the same dream from two positions on the issue.

He did have an awful lot of women hanging around. Remarkably, he married me. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

23 thoughts on “A BOSTONIAN NIGHTMARE – RDP #6 – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Only dreams I remember these days are voice-overs with someone reading text, which turns into ME reading text, and then turns into me within the dream text as an observer/participant. I usually wake up exhausted, too.

    I love the tandem dreaming.


  2. Crazy dreams? I’ve had few. I’m usually trying to rescue someone (don’t know who) from something (don’t know what), but I wake up feeling exhausted. 🙂 Sweet dreams and safe landing should you happen to fall, Marilyn. xo


  3. I can’t even have my extremities near the edge of the bed, let alone off the side. Old childhood fears that I just never let go of I suppose. Doug hangs his hand off of the bed and it makes me twitch. Like, don’t you know there’s monsters under there? ^_^

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