Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

The ongoing issue of what, exactly, is oddball remains. I took a bunch of pictures of people in the park this past Saturday. Odd pictures insofar as I have no idea when I might otherwise use these pictures. I guess that makes them as odd as anything I’m like to be taking.

Here is a man who needs another hand.
Marilyn on her way back to the car after taking a few pictures.
Marilyn deep in trying to figure out what to do with a fisheye lens. She never did get an answer. She says she needs more practice.
Two guys. Fishing.

13 thoughts on “ODDBALLS FROM SATURDAY AT RIVER BEND PARK – Garry Armstrong”

  1. I took a lot of “people shots” because they always tell a story.

    The 2 fellas fishing had a Mark Twain feel.

    The guy on the golf course with his golf bag and dog struck me as a man who takes his best friend everywhere. I wonder if the dog is a caddy.

    Marilyn is poetry in motion.

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  2. The two guys fishing is priceless, How lazy can you get… I think its so much more fun to hold the rod… and drink beer at the same time… multitasking is not their thing I guess.. thanks for sharing your odd photos.


    1. I really like that first one too. I had to explain to Garry that this wasn’t a golf cart but actually a two-child stroller. He knows golf carts. He’s a little out of his depth in strollers 😀


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