FOTD – November 7 – Autumn, Garry Armstrong

Marilyn has been sifting through files and these came up. They were mislabeled. These are my autumn photos from Riverbend and down at the Blackstone canal. This was my first excursion with a new camera and what a difference the new camera made! It probably helped that it was a sunny day that stayed sunny all day.

No matter how good your “travel camera” is, a bigger one with a better lens will usually take better pictures, or as Marilyn put it, “These need pretty much no processing at all. Just a bit of cropping and a signature.

Amazing reflections in the Blackstone River

If you wonder why she signs everything (mine and hers and anyone else whose pictures she is processing), it’s so she knows who took which pictures. Mine often are more active — more people, cars, and things going on — while hers are more stationary. Sometimes, though, our photos are nearly identical except for a slightly different angle. We both use Olympus OMD cameras and interchange lenses, so having a signature on a photo simplifies sorting and posting.

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8 replies

  1. lovely autumn pics Garry. I love to see my friend, Marilyn through your lens. Thanks for sharing your colourful fall landscape with all of us. God bless you both.


    • My husband stalks me with his camera. But I love him for caring. I try to stalk him, too, but he’s so much faster on his feet than I am. Even years ago when I was walking and running, he was always faster than me. Some things don’t change 😀


  2. I’m still in awe of how many pictures you guys take! Its cool! 😀


    • We are trying to cut back before I run out of room on my backup SDS drives. Now that autumn has moved on from full color to the more muted post-peak colors, I tried going out today without a camera. I should have brought one. But I was going for my booster vac and I just didn’t feel like hauling luggage. I still should have brought it because even muted, it’s still lovely. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow …


  3. A lovely set of fall photos, Garry — I particularly like the reflection with the tree trunk on the right side and green tree leaves on the left. Great colors, too!




    • Today, more than half the trees are bare. The aspen and birch are bare and the maple leaves are falling. The oaks will cling to the branches for another couple of weeks, so just when we get the grounds cleaned up, the rest of the leaves will fall. It’s like that every year, but I wish they would all fall in tidy piles 😀


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