A MILESTONE OF DESPAIR – Marilyn Armstrong


Fandango – Nightmare

It’s the one month anniversary of having WordPress abandon us for whatever future they think they see on their far horizons. I’m sure, whatever their milestone may be, it involves hitting all of us for more money. Because as far as I can tell, it’s always about money. Always and forever.

But also, these days, it’s also about meanness, cruelty and casual viciousness. As a nation, we are developing a kind of comfort with meanness and ugliness.

Jon Stewart said it well on Colbert’s show. Drumptf doesn’t merely do something harsh because he thinks it is necessary. He feels obliged to add an extra level of brutality to each thing.

He can’t say he disagrees with the press. He has to point out that they are also stupid and lazy. He can’t say he didn’t “have sex” with that woman. He also needs to mention that she’s too ugly for sex with a stud like him.

Everything he does is coated is that kind of nasty, mean-spirited ugliness and it has my head spinning. I can’t seem to wrap my brain around the beauty of the flowers when all I can see is that compared to DJT, Benito Mussolini was a real gentleman. Adolf Hitler had charm.

Drumptf has no charm. There is nothing cutesy about him. He’s not only unfunny, he’s cruel and most cruel to those who have the least ability to fight back.

He could have created an immigration package with which I’d no doubt have disagreed, but this wasn’t a political move. This was intended to show “how bad” we are and it certainly succeeded. To preventing desperate people from attempting to gain asylum here, he added to it kidnapping and imprisonment for babies, toddlers, and pre-school children. He can’t do something for some bizarre version of “the good of the country.” He also feels obliged to add a personal level of evil to the policy so it does not merely impinge on our political psyche but on our ability to believe we live in a decent society.

Michael Moore was on the show too.

He asked: “How often do you read the news and cry?” I don’t cry. I despair and have nightmares. I feel as if I’ve been overcome by a kind of mental illness. I’ve walked into a “fun house” full of hideous twisted mirrors and all I can see it an ugly, distorted version of something that used to be me or my fellows, but is now foul and twisted.

It’s not even anger. I’ve run out of anger. My current state is more like being a permanently abused child wondering if there’s any hope of rescue before I am beaten to death.

Like the cherry on the sundae, Drumptf is also a minority president. He was not elected by the majority of American citizens. Now that the not-so-Supreme Court has formally decided racial gerrymandering is legal — along with sending five-year-olds to court without a lawyer — one has to wonder with the likelihood of Russia messing with our elections (again) and gerrymandering if there’s any chance we will have an honest election.

I know this much.

All the people who didn’t bother to vote at all or who felt voting for a useless third-party candidate didn’t matter? You screwed us.

You know who you are.

If you do it again, Drumptf or one of his non-biological sycophants will be running this country when your great-grandchildren are praying for asylum in Canada.

Milestone? Really? For me, it feels more like a month of nausea and despair. Maybe it’s just me. Then again, maybe it’s not.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

24 thoughts on “A MILESTONE OF DESPAIR – Marilyn Armstrong”

          1. Yea.. and the ease. You knew there’s one place you have to link your post to and that’s all. I still didn’t know why they did that. My friends who don’t have a blog miss daily post i talked so much about it.
            C’est la vie, indeed..


  1. If I had had children, I’d be encouraging them to emigrate (which is to permanently move) to Canada. Screw immigration (which is to temporarily move to another country). I’d hope they’d get out of here and go somewhere relatively sane. However, I didn’t have children, so I have to deal with this reality on my own. That’s pretty nightmarish too…

    And I’ve reblogged both your excellent blogs in this vein on my “nightmare’ post for Fandango. All I can say is “I’m very VERY sorry” (for the situation, not for the unsolicited promo…)

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  2. We are all feeling the same. It is a nightmare from which we hope we will wake up, and SOON, then the reality hits and you realize that it is a waking nightmare from which there is no escape. Where have all the good men gone? The ones that stood for right, truth, humanity, protecting those weaker. Your description is indeed an apt one! His actions are those of a bully with a mean attitude, cruel most often. It’s how I see the situation. Come to Canada, your welcome. It’s a step up for now, although for how long, one doesn’t know.


    1. I think we are all still here, but the political situation has been set up so we are surprisingly powerless, even though there are MORE of us than there are of THEM. Can we fix it? Can we fix it while we are all still alive? That’s the big question.

      I’m pretty sure Canada isn’t all that eager to take us in. I could be wrong about that, but I don’t think so.


  3. As a Brit living in Switzerland I have no business to comment on American politics, but in my 50-60 years of political awareness I have never experienced anything like it. As far as the demise of the daily prompt it concerned, of course it is all about the money, it is always about the money, they don’t even talk about it any more.


    1. If I were younger and agiler, I think I would be looking elsewhere for a life. The problem is, we AREN’T young and we don’t have money. And no, I have never seen the world like this — but our parents did. It makes a lot of stuff more understandable, doesn’t it?

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  4. I still cry when I read, heat, or watch the news. And I dispair as well. I don’t see an outcome that doesn’t involve civil unrest and even violence. I wish I could see a light at the dnd of the tunnel, a peaceful way out of this. But I don’t. And that is what makes me cry.


  5. If only all of what you wrote was ‘fake news’ and lies….. sadly it’s only too true. I don’t know how you people cope…. and I know you don’t know how either.
    Mr Colbert’s show is my daily resume (of the YT vids we get to see). HE should be president, really….

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    1. He used to be funnier. I think even he doesn’t think he’s really all that funny anymore. Because there’s nothing funny going on and locking up children torn from their parents doesn’t make great comedy.

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    1. Me too. I keep myself under control all day. Reading, writing, taking a few pictures. Avoiding thinking, in other words. But then, there’s bed. And sooner or later, unconsciousness takes over and the anxiety moves in.


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