We were supposed to go to Italy with friends this July. We had to cancel the trip because I’ve been suffering from a chronic condition called Poly Myalgia Rheumatica. I didn’t feel up to traveling so far away and didn’t feel I could handle sightseeing every day.

So we headed for the marina, our home away from home. We decided to live on the boat for five days as our ‘vacation’ for the month. I forgot how quickly we fall into a boat routine. We’re less than half an hour away from home, but we feel like we’re in another world. There’s something about living in miniature, on the water, that relaxes us instantly.

I think that part of the reason everything feels so different on the boat is that all the logistics are different than at home. To use the oven, we have to move everything off the countertop, open the cover for the stove and then we can turn the oven on. To find anything in the refrigerator, we usually have to take everything out, shelf by shelf, until we find what we’re looking for. The frig is packed that tight!

To take a shower, we have to remove all the towels and the garbage can from the shower area and move them into the bedroom. At home, the dogs have a doggie door. On the boat, we have to walk the dogs regularly. Good exercise. But it takes some getting used to. We are totally spoiled vis-a-vis our dogs! So life feels truly ‘nautical’ on the boat. Our house also rocks periodically, which is very cool.

This week, we had guests from New York on the boat with us. We also visited with friends on the dock, so it’s been a more social week than we would have had at home. People love visiting the boat. Even if we can’t take a ride, people just love being on the water.

One of our friends stayed overnight with us on the boat. That doesn’t happen often, so it was a special treat. Like camping out with friends! She stayed overnight the night of the local 4th of July Fireworks. We got to enjoy 180 degrees of fireworks! Most of the fireworks were done by local individuals. But the town of Stratford does a 20-minute display done by professionals. It is truly awesome!

Tom loves fireworks and looks forward to this display all year. It’s worth the wait. We have a clear view from our boat and it looks like the display is being done specially for us.

So this ‘vacation’ week turned out to be more fun and more restorative than we had expected. Even the dogs were chilling out (That may have also been because of the extreme heat).

The longer we stayed at the marina, the more distant our ‘land’ life became. We extended our stay by a day. And we may be coming back for a few more days soon. Now it really feels like summer vacation!


    1. Agreed. Just being on the water is soothing, even if you’re tied to a dock! We particularly find that sleeping over on the boat takes us out of our daily world and plunks us down in the water world.

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    1. We love our boat too! Most boat owners are always looking for the “next” boat. The step up that they dream about. We are never getting another boat. This is our ultimate dream boat and we’ll never trade her in.

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  1. I love every single word of this post. This would be my choice of hols all the time, every time, always…. Living near water would be my first choice of living ALWAYS. But we don’t, we can’t and so I compensate with boat trips at every opportunity, I take canal short trips, lake cruises, ferries, walks along locks…. the whole hog. Give me a dog or three on top and I’m game 🙂
    Have happy hols and maybe this bother with your health is a true blessing in disguise. Get better anyway – you can still choose to boat!!!!


    1. Walking or canal boating along locks is our second favorite water activity. We got into boating because of two canal boat trips in the countryside of England. We loved the experience of living on the water so much, we came home and bought a boat. A power boat is not the same experience as canal life, but it’s all we have in the States. I hear the Intercoastal Waterways are similar to English canals. We’ll have to try them someday.

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  2. We have friends with a boat; going on board is such a wonderful reminder of how much extra “stuff” we carry around and use and ignore every day! I love the water life so much! Glad you got to enjoy your time on board.


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