FOTD – Sunset Through Foliage – October 22, 2018

It rained in the morning, cleared up briefly mid-morning, went back to drizzly and gray by lunchtime … and suddenly, just before sunset, the light turned that beautiful amber that screams OCTOBER!

The sun, just over the gate. If you look, you can still see the roses

Towards the road

It was cold, but I pulled on a heavy sweatshirt and a camera and took pictures. For almost an hour, it really looked like Autumn.

Leaves are gold

A hint of scarlet and a flash of sunlight from the setting sun

About half an hour later, the meteorologist on the news was pointing out t was a beautiful sunset, but we should not be deluded. It will be even colder tomorrow.

I took in the aloe. I was afraid it would freeze tonight.

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8 replies

  1. The oak leaves look blue…fantastic colour.

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  2. Happy Autumn! ❤ Lovely photos… Colors are fading here, but the sun is out today and we're smiling. xo

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  3. Wonderful photos Marilyn 😀


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