Remarkably, I miss our honorable opponents. I didn’t agree with them, but they were Americans and the believed in this country. I don’t think these sleazeballs believe in anything except their bank accounts.


The Andy Thomas print “The Republican Club” hangs in Trump’s White House office.

After the results of Tuesday’s elections were pretty much tied up tight, I couldn’t sleep. In part, I was wondering how to get the Republican Party’s picture affixed to the side of milk carton.

They haven’t been seen in a while, and while I’m pretty sure that they’re dead, we cannot be certain until we’ve seen the body.

If you’re old enough, then you can remember when the Grand Old Party was the party of patriotism. Republicans preached that Democrats had a plan to hand over the United States to the Soviets. It was an accusation that was flogged by right-wing evangelical preachers, and well, we all know that preachers wouldn’t lie about that.

The Dems never gave us up, and the Soviets eventually fell apart, but the Republican dream never died.

Years later, the GOP would…

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. When I ran for office (twice and it was 50 years ago), I was one of the two registered liberals in Nassau County (NY). My husband was the other one. Not surprisingly, getting be a candidate wasn’t very difficult, Jeff was busier than I was, so I did it. I was assured that I would not win even if my Republican opponent died — he would STILL be elected. Now, it actually happened.

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          1. I saw a clip yesterday from the Apprentice. I really couldn’t believe it. I tried posting it on Facebook, but it violates FB policies. I tried sending to a friend on FB messenger, same story. It’s in this article.

            The link is in this sentence: (It’s worth watching the video to see Ms. Roderick’s barely contained revulsion.)

            The women look like whores and Trump looks like a pimp and sounds like a gangster. 😀


            1. I’m not sure why it violated FB policies, but FB only seems to have policies for people like you and me, and none for the big spenders. Funny about that.

              As soon as I saw the tape — have already seen the Reuters tape — and I know tape tampering. The people I know are all media related and they know how to do this stuff, so I’m very sensitive. What shocked me — genuinely shocked me — is that they would actually proffer such an amateurish piece of tape AFTER the original had already been seen by anyone with eyes all over all of the networks. It wasn’t even a good hack job.

              For some reason, that crossed a line for me. Trump’s lying is one thing, but trying to foist off a piece of hacked video AFTER the original was already shown … well … that crosses a whole other line. I not sure I’ve got any lines left.

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                1. Yeah, I watched it. What’s sickening is how many people see this, know what it means — AND DON’T CARE. They really don’t care about the lies, the racism, the cruelty. It’s not a matter of belief. They just like having a big boss who lets them hate.

                  There WAS no clip in that piece you sent. There was a still and text, but no video. It may need to be sent separately.

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                  1. There is a clip there. It’s a link in the sentence “It’s worth watching the video to see Ms. Roderick’s barely contained revulsion.” There’s underlining there that is the link.

                    But maybe WP is more open minded than FB


                2. Okay, finally got to watch it. I never watched the show. Never watched ANY reality show. I’m not sure what exactly that meant and liberal??? Piers Morgan thought it was funny? He’s a prep school guy. That says it all.


  1. Strangely enough, I shared an article about the Liberal Party in Australia on Facebook yesterday with the comment that they had moved so far to the right that they were not the same party that I voted for in my twenties and thirties. I have become more left-leaning but I think that is largely because they have moved so far the other way that I became disgusted with them.


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