SQUARE AND SPIKY MARCH DAYS – 1 – Marilyn Armstrong

Don’t let the barbed wire put you off!

March. Snow is about to fall tonight and again — but more of it — on Sunday. So winter didn’t show up all winter.

We’re going to have a “springtime” winter.

Usually, our springtime winter is just an extension of the winter-winter, but this year, I think it’s going to be the whole deal.

Spiky gate to where? Photo: Garry Armstrong

Now that is definitely spiky!

Happy spiky, jagged, pointy, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and barbed’ squares!

22 thoughts on “SQUARE AND SPIKY MARCH DAYS – 1 – Marilyn Armstrong

        • You need to go to the Reader and make sure that your followers are sending their posts to you. I could fix mine, but I can’t fix everyone else’s. is there someone who can help you with this? It isn’t complicated. You go to your dashboard, then “manage,” they there a list of people and you click on “settings” for each person on the list and make sure that the second setting — getting an email — is clicked and blue. Unless you use the reader to see what your followers are doing, but I am guessing not or that’s what you’d already be doing. But really, this is NOT difficult.


  1. Our springy winter arrived a little today, but it was not icy cold. Temperatures were OK, just a grey rainy day with a little snow in the rain, but not too much. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.


    • We’ve got two storms (snow but maybe rain, too) lined up for tonight AND Sunday. How much on Sunday? It all depends on temperature and the winds. Yeah. The weather is really funky. We didn’t really have a winter, but now that it’s March. To be fair, we often get blizzards in March — some of the northeast’s most famous and deadly blizzards were on my birthday – March 11th. It’s a big day for big snow.

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  2. These spring winters are lovely on one hand, but terrifying on the other. What is happening to the world?

    Wonderful spiked gate 😊 so glad you are joining us again for squares.


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