SATISFACTION: THE VIDEO! – Marilyn Armstrong

Photo Challenge – Satisfaction

Couldn’t help myself. I know it’s not my own photography. In fact, it’s video and isn’t even photography. But … you know, “Can’t get no satisfaction!”

Because even just hearing the word, I have to hum the song! Time has certainly changed them. But then again, it has changed us all.

18 thoughts on “SATISFACTION: THE VIDEO! – Marilyn Armstrong

    • And no one has written something better — for what it is. A lot of Bach hasn’t done this well.

      Oops. Should have specified WHICH Bach. There were SO many and two of them wrote music which sounds very similar, although Johann Seb seems to have nailed down the biggies.

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      • Love Toccata and Fugue (in D minor!) 🙂

        It’s probably also worth remembering that Bach(s) wrote mostly instrumentals – they rarely do well in the popular charts!

        Also JB’s (II) audiences only had live gigs to hear him play – we got 45’s, albums, then cassettes, CD’s DVD’s and now iTunes and MP3’s and all besides live concerts and tv shows and radio.

        It’s hardly a fair comparison on that basis huh? 😉

        “We’re more popular than Jesus” – John Lennon. Well yeah, but put JC on TV and see how you go, John!! 🙂


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