I THINK I’M TIRED – Marilyn Armstrong

I blame it on the dogs. Basically, I blame everything on the dogs, but this one is actually their fault. Specifically, it’s Bonnie’s fault because she is the nonstop barker.

Bonnie the unstoppable barker

We have lots of other issues, but if Bonnie did not feel — after sleeping through the night like a rock — the need to bark continuously from dawn onward, I’m pretty sure I’d have a better perspective on life in general.


After three hours of intermittent barking — she has a routine. A few barks to wake me up, five to ten minutes of peace which is exactly enough time for me to drift off — after which the barking recommences. This goes on and on for hours.

This makes me cranky. It doesn’t wake Garry because he’s not wearing hearing aids. It is all aimed at me. I’m pretty sure if I ever got a complete night of sleep, I’d feel better. I could be wrong, but I believe sleeping an entire night would help.

If the weather is nice, Garry will (when poked) put them and their water outside. Sometimes, when he does this, I sleep for almost the whole day. I’ve got a lot of broken nights with which to catch up.

So that’s bad enough, but we haven’t really gone seriously shopping for about a month. We’ve just been “filling in” shopping. A little of this, a replacement for that. Mostly, I didn’t mind because it’s summer and we don’t eat as much as we do in colder weather.


Yesterday’s conversation about cheese woke up my taste buds. By the time I got through looking at pictures of cheese, thinking about cheese, wondering if there was new cheese just waiting for me to try … I needed cheese.  I wanted Brie, Jarlsberg, Bleu cheese, and Cheddar. I wanted pub cheese, but without the hot peppers.

Moreover, I wanted sharp flavored cold cuts. I’m trying out the hot capicola ham as well as a couple of types of salami. I thought they would all go well with any kind of cheese. I also wanted sliced cucumbers and ripe tomatoes with Asian Ginger dressing to drizzle on the big, flat Portabella mushrooms.

Raw edible portabello mushrooms with herbs on wooden board

I even bought a new kind of pepper that’s a combination of red and yellow. It looks like Van Gogh painted it. And bright yellow summer squash with fresh redfish from the Bay of Maine.

We really went shopping. Which means I had to go through the fridge and throw away all the stuff that was never getting eaten and Garry had to haul the wagon upstairs three times, which is a lot of hauling. Now, though, he only hauls it to the main floor entry and I run it upstairs on the chair lift. (They have many uses.)

When I finally managed to find places to put everything, I realized I was exhausted. I had moved was past tired to a new place. Good thing dinner was simple. Sesame crackers, pub cheese, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, plus hot capicola and a side of ginger ale.

I have fresh cherries, plums, and strawberries waiting for me, too.

While realizing I was seriously tired, I also realized Duke’s tick collar was too tight. He isn’t fat, but he has thickened up. He has a mastiff head these days to go with the pushed in muzzle and lopsided ears. I’d love to see his DNA.

I couldn’t loosen the tick collar and eventually had to cut it off. I realized that quite likely Bonnie and Gibbs need new collars too, so I sighed and ordered three of them. Back to broke. Again.

My right wrist has had it. My right shoulder is patched with lidocaine and the rest of me is full of Tramadol. I might be fine if only Bonnie would let me sleep!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

42 thoughts on “I THINK I’M TIRED – Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. I think Madeline Kahn sang our song in “Blazing Saddles” — as the world weary Lily Von Schtupp.


  1. I have not had enough summer this year.. too much rain and I feel my hibernation mode coming on already.. On another note. I tried to leave your link on your contact page for your first archive post but by the time I finished it told me it had expired.. so it may have got through, or like the rest of us is feeling tired….hugs Sally https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2019/08/22/smorgasbord-posts-from-your-archives-potluck-the-12-foot-teepee-2012-by-marilyn-armstrong/

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    1. I thanked you on your site but felt an additional thank you was the least I could do. What a lovely gesture! I sometimes forget what I wrote back then. Time marches on and one’s headspace changes, SO much has happened it’s had to remember where I was then and where I am now and it is good to be reminded.

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  2. I swear a decent night’s sleep makes so much better the next day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s outlook, aches n pains, prepping meals, whatever the day holds, it’s ALWAYS so much better after a good night’s sleep. I’ve gone on 4 hours sleep per night my entire life. You can imagine my astonishment and general wth when I finally slept 8 hours. Now I want more! More than 5 or 6 seems a bonus, but damn that one day I actually slept 8 hours was heaven on earth.

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      1. tsk tsk Bonnie!!!!! I know right? I have to admit, I was rather discombobulated for 24 hours since my body didn’t know what the hell to do with itself. I felt pretty groggy the entire day, which in and of itself was odd I thought. Probably couldn’t cope with 8 hours sleep and wondered what the hell was wrong with me! roflmao


    1. Covert, you’re right about a decent night’s sleep. I think I am perpetually tired after decades of mind and body numbing schedules during my TV News career. It ruined my ability to get decent sleep.

      I must plead guilty about the schedule in retirement. I like to stay up late with Marilyn, watching things we mutually enjoy. Then, I get into bed, put on a headset to watch an old movie that’s not Marilyn’s cup of tea. This usually helps me fade to black before he end of the movie. I really look forward to this bedtime ritual. I see it as a major PERK in retirement.

      Dealing with the barking dogs ruins the morning side of the night before. Nice weather –no rain – allows me to put the dogs out and return to sleep. When the days grow shorter and colder, it’s harder to dump the furry kids outside. I they know they have our number.


      1. Lmao they have your number. I can certainly understand all the rest. I’ve learned a trick to getting to sleep believe it or not “become one with the bed” feeling your body relax into the bed. I tried it, after 3 tried, it worked. I’m a light sleeper so it doesn’t take much to wake me and once awake no matter the time, I’m up for the rest of the day.


  3. Love the look of those peppers. Never seen anything like it before. We have cold cuts every evening and they are getting very boring. I just wish I could think of something new.


    1. I’ve never seen them before either. I looked them up and they are apparently new seeds. But they were so pretty!

      We were suffering from a really bad case of food ennui, which Is why I went heavily for different cold cuts and new cheeses. Spinach instead of lettuce salad. We get really bored with our food and finding something different isn’t easy!

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        1. A few years ago, both of us realized we never wanted to look at another piece of baked chicken. I’ve been trying to come up with new ideas, but there really aren’t that many dinner possibilities and going out to dinner is expensive. I’ve gotten serious about sauces — just to try to change the flavors.

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  4. I KNOW I’m tired. It’s not the boys’ fault though, I just am exhausted lately, all the time. The two hour drive south last Thursday evening just about did me in. I was worn out for the rest of the weekend. Today the weather is deciding whether or not it’s going to rain (I hope I hope I HOPE, although the sun is trying valiantly to burst my rain bubble) and everything (all my bones and my head HURT). I am pooped. So my sympathies are with you. I discovered yesterday that Ziggy is a barker, just like Bonnie. I’m not sure what makes some dogs do that, but I’m not very pleased. And what time is dinner tonight? I’d love to attend! 😉


    1. The worst part of the barking is that it’s intermittent. So she shuts up for a few minutes and I drift off only to be woken up a few minutes later. She’s too old to retrain — and she didn’t DO this when she was younger. Talk about old dogs learning new tricks. Not my favorite trick! And I don’t think she’s going to get retrained at this point. She wants me to get up. She wants both of us to get up, but Garry doesn’t hear her, so it’s me.


  5. I’m sorry Bonnie is disturbing your sleep, Marilyn. It must be like having a baby around again in some ways. We shut our cats downstairs at night now because if we let them roam around the whole house overnight they attack Stuart, jumping on his chest and biting his nose! But your photos of food have made my tummy rumble! The peppers are stunning – I’ve never seen any like that before. And I’m a lover of cheese too, so I’m with you all the way there… 🙂


    1. The problem is she sleeps like a rock all night. From like 11 at night until about 6 or 7 in the morning, she’s gone. And being a dog, she also takes long daytime naps. So the problem isn’t that she’s lacking sleep. Her problem is that as soon as she is awake, she thinks we should get up too.

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  6. I’m m so glad Cody isn’t a chronic barker, at least not at night. Sure, during the day she barks at the squirrels in the trees and every bird that flies by, but at night they’re sleeping, too. Those fresh fruits and veggies look so good. I really miss being able to eat them. Cherries were one of my favorites.


    1. Bonnie doesn’t bark at night. She sleeps all night like a rock. She doesn’t even bark OUTSIDE. She barks in front of the bedroom door or in the hallway leading to the bedroom. Almost never outside. Sometimes Duke barks outside, usually at another dog. But when the other dog is gone, he comes in and goes to sleep.

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  7. In most places I’ve ever lived you couldn’t have such a barker…. You’d lose your appartment or house. We have however a pretty insistent barker somewhere in our neighbourhood. I’m always thinking: Thanks God it’s not our…. 🙂
    Today we had a ONE DAY HOLIDAY, HH and I. We drove to Monet’s Garden in Giverny. Thought of you and Pat and other friends who so love flowers. It’s a dream to be there, always, every single time. But there was a youngish family with two children. A girl who just pushed cries from time to time. Just like that… no reason. AND a small boy who was screaming battle cries without stopping. I said to HH that someone definitely wasn’t very happy. It can happen that kids have enough, it was very hot and enormous numbers of people (there was the load of a cruise (Seine river) with some 280 ppl in the gardens & house at the same time as we were. Total nightmare. So then that family came nearer and nearer. And we saw that this boy-siren was sitting on his father’s shoulders and just pushed out his screams,one after another. Dry eyed, quite content, no bother… just screaming! It drove people crazy. The parents pretended not to hear either one of them. I have never seen anything like that. Either the whole family is crazy like bats or they are deaf and just can’t care any longer. I thought: Give me a dog barker any time…. They don’t do it on purpose. And maybe you can make them shut up with a biscuit!


  8. I had to put up with barking dogs for years when I still lived at home. Since I had to sleep during the day, and the dog would bark its fool head off when everyone else was gone, it was really bothersome. As much as I love dogs, I would not want to live with another one for the constant barking alone….


  9. I’m “enjoying” tramadol right now. With acetaminophen and ibuprofen I almost feel human. But, then again, I am napping right now. So you may be right about needing sleep.


    1. I can’t take Ibuprofen or any of the NSAIDs but the tramadol in the right quantity works surprisingly well. I also take Tylenol too, but I’m careful about how much. Surviving heart surgery then dying of too much Tylenol would be depressing. I’m beginning to gradually wake up, so I think maybe the pharmacist was right.

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      1. Oh wow. Heart surgery? You don’t fool around with the lesser organs, you go straight to the ticker! I’m glad you have something that works!

        That can be the frustrating thing about medicine; we have so many to choose from it can be an embarrassment of riches and sometimes nothing actually works for what you have. (I’m thinking of a friend of mine. Feeling a little sad for her.) I hope meds continue to be all their makers claim they are for us both…and eventually catch up to those who badly need them!


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