Weekly Word Prompt: Unwinding

I was intending to unwind when we went down to see Tom and Ellin, but it turned out to be a more about technical recording information than relaxation. I like computers more than most people, but I really wanted to get away from them … just for a day or two.

Ironwood in the desert

Truthfully, I’m beat. I think I have never needed a vacation more than I do now. It’s not going to happen, but I can yearn.

The sun is a big flaunter. Never embarrassed to show off its colors, early morning or light by night.

The Superstitions

The last time we had a real vacation was January 2016 for almost two weeks in Arizona. Otherwise, it has been a day or two with friends and that’s good too, but I need time to unwind. When we used to go down to the Vineyard on vacation it took me a whole week to relax and another two to almost forget what I used to do for a living.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Giving the lack of money not floating around here, I’m not counting on ever getting another vacation. I think maybe that part of our lives is done. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

Physically, getting around has become pretty difficult, so unless we had a lot more than “just enough to get around,” there’s not much for me to do. We’d need a driver and someone to help us haul luggage.

Although a week along the seashore or in the mountains might be really lovely. Even near the sea or almost in the mountains.

13 thoughts on “UNWINDING AND DISENGAGING – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Lovely photos Marilyn. My late husband used to wonder why he took me away on vacations, we’d only been there a couple of days and I’d begin the countdown of how many days left before I could go home. I was always homesick!


    • On the Vineyard, after a week, I gave up wearing a watch. Three days later, I gave up wearing underwear and by the end of the three-week vacation, I didn’t remember the job I used to do. I loved my home. I also loved being away from it.

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  2. My physical state and that of Mr. Swiss no longer allows vacations, so I try to take it easy. Currently I am exhausted with Mr. Swiss eye operations bringing him back and forth


    • That surgery heals really fast. Everything will be better soon. But I think we are getting to the same point. I think we are more tired after a vacation than before. It’s sad. But you need some luxury in these later years. You can’t trudge miles carrying heavy bags of luggage and cameras and stuff, or climb stairs. Or sleep on hard beds. We can’t make a 7 am breakfast. We need to have some ease and actual relaxation. I never worried about it when I was young. These days, I see a long flight of steps and I know I’m doomed. I can’t do it anymore.

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