WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR – Garry Armstrong

If you’re reading this today, it’s the 29th of September. It’s the end of the regular major league baseball season. Two-thirds of the 30 big-league teams, who had April dreams of grandeur, head home to ponder what went wrong.

It’s “Wait Till Next Year” for the dispirited fans of the disappointed teams. “Wait Till Next Year” was also the fabled slogan of the old Brooklyn Dodgers who, until 1955, never won a World Championship, usually losing to the damn New York Yankees.

“Wait Till Next Year” also was blues anthem for the Boston Red Sox who went without a world championship from 1918 until 2004 — almost 9 decades — usually losing to those same damn Yankees.

This year, the World Champion Red Sox are again wailing the blues, unable to repeat last year’s phenomenal success, their season for the ages.

The suits for the 20 teams who failed to make it to the postseason, will soon be in “spin mode.” We’ll all hear about how great things will happen next year. You can believe the jibber jabber of their hot stove league rhetoric. How they’ve solved all their team’s problems.  You can believe it as you’re shelling out big money for season tickets to see your team reach the promised land.  (“See the rabbits, Lenny?”)

Wait until next year is also the slogan for the myriad Democratic presidential wannabees trying to unseat the current squatter in the Oval Office. We’ll have a better sense by this time next year who’s the top gun meeting the incumbent in the ultimate political showdown.

It’s hard to handicap who’s the best political gunslinger right now for the Democrats.

The top three players

We certainly have plenty of diversity from which to choose, but there’s no one with the certainty of Paladin’s “Have Gun-Will Travel” assurance to clean up Dodge which is slowly sinking into a swamp bigger than any seen since the Earps cleaned up Tombstone.

And as of this moment, Warren has the lead — which is fine with us!

The boss of the White House gang is shiftier than Liberty Valance. No one seems to be able to get an upper hand.  It would seem appropriate for the political farmers and cattlemen to put differences aside and band together to deal with Donzo and his Desperados.

Wait until next year is also the unofficial slogan here at the Kachingerosa. Next year, Marilyn and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. I hope it’s a memorable shindig.  In 1990, the handicappers weren’t sure the newlyweds had the stamina, trust or fortitude to go the distance.  We looked good but the external youth would undergo changes over the next 3 decades.

External and internal.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Garry and me – Thank you Rich!

Our furry children think the world of us. They’ll vouch for our love and steady hands doling out the treats. I’m not sure what Las Vegas is saying about us. All I can say is we’ve got a good track record, pretty good breeding, and we’ve overcome more than enough adversity.

So place your bets, go with your guts, put a little money on us – and “Wait Till Next Year”! And hold your breath because these are battles we need to win.

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17 replies

  1. Thirty years? Baseball?
    He weighs each in a hand.
    Thirty years wins by a bunch. You guys got this!

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  2. Believe me, MANY people hold their breath just as you do, cross their fingers and those who believe in a higher power, pray for E. Warren – and they just might include the two of you too – you WILL surely make it to your 30th wedding anniversary – you are nearly there, and so is Warren. We will be strong for all of you and watch like hawks that it all goes well, for your country, your new Lady President and the lovely couple down there in Uxbridge, where birds & squirrels bid each other good night. You are two wonderful people and I’m glad there are many, many more like you, honest, daring voicing their opinions, being real.

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  3. We are watching with great interest from Canada.

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  4. We are in “wait until next year mode” here. Our Cubs could have run away with the division. Going down the stretch they had their fate in their hands with 7 late season games against the Cards who were ahead of them. Then they collapsed like the ’69 Cubs and lost 9 in a row. Now if they can beat the Cards and the Brewers win, Milwaukee will have the division again. You see money does not always but Championships…unless you are the damn Yankees.

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    • Rich, you are so right. We watched the Red Sox play the wretched Orioles last night. The Sox had a fresh young man at the play by play mic. He was a marked contrast to veterans Jerry Remy and Dennis “the Eck” Eckersley who could find little cheer as the Sox fumbled and stumbled to the lowly O’s. Today’s season finale shapes up as a wake or funeral for Red Sox Nation. Please no chants of “Wait Till Next Year”. BTW: The prevailing, underachieving World Champs have the highest payroll in major league baseball. So, Rich, you were saying something about money not always being a guarantee of success.

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  5. I’m ready- bring it!

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