TOTALLY UNHINGED – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Unhinged

I’m voting for Yang. Even if he isn’t the nominee, he’s my guy. Anyone who’ll give me magic mushrooms and enough money to live on? My man!

The laughing Flamingo?

Does everyone feel as if they fell into the rabbit hole and that last mushroom made them huge — or tiny. My plastic flamingo is running around the garden laughing at me. I need to drink something that will make me … real.

Because I too am unhinged!

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  1. lol omg I’d forgotten all about Maurice Chevalier…. perfection!


  2. Yes! Yang! Or Biden! Or… anyone but the crook and scoundrel.


  3. Poor flamingo.

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  4. don’t forget to order the wine, it will go with the mushrooms, cheers Marilyn, enjoy the season, I expect there is a lot more to come from in in the coming years, amen

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