VOTE FOR A GOOD GOVERNOR – Marilyn Armstrong

For all of you who think our insane and stupid president can order the nation back to work before we are medically ready for it — he doesn’t have the authority to do it. The “shelter in place” and lockdown orders were not given by the president. They were all given by each state’s governor.

From the front, Boston statehouse

Governors of every state have an absolute right to order whatever they deem necessary to protect the health and safety of their citizens — including military intervention. The president can suggest what he thinks the states ought to do, but he can’t force them to do it.

Statehouse from Beacon Hill

Although mostly we talk about federal politics, the states have strong powers that often exceed the powers of the federal government. So when Trump says he’s going to “get the country back to work by Easter,” that’s a wish, not a promise. If you elected an intelligent governor, a thoughtful governor, you are in a lot better shape than if you didn’t bother to vote in that election.

Voting matters.

Vote. Locally as well as nationally.

20 thoughts on “VOTE FOR A GOOD GOVERNOR – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Our governor is a doctor and he was the last governor in the DMV to close schools, restaurants, limit the # of people who could congregate in one place etc…and he is a Democrat.


  2. I was not much of a fan of Gov. Cuomo until this pandemic hit. Now, I think he should run for President. It takes balls for anyone, in the middle of a crisis, to make hard decisions and then tell the public “If you want to blame someone, blame me.” Gov. Cuomo is doing an excellent job, with very little help from the federal government. We need ventilators? According to Pres. Trump, that’s the state’s fault because the state should have ordered the ventilators two years ago. Really? (And where is Melania anyway? Haven’t seen her lending support at any of the press conferences. Perhaps she’s too busy playing tennis on the South Lawn? Or more likely, hiding out in a secure condo, somewhere other than in NYC.)


    • Our governor too has been doing a good job. Massachusets hasn’t been hit as hard as New York yet, but our numbers are also rising. We’re just a smaller state and don’t have the amount of traffic New York has. But Garry and I both grew up in New York and it has had many good governors, many of whom eventually became President. Cuomo is doing a very good job for you.

      I suppose you can’t blame the Coronoavirus on Trump, but you sure can blame our unreadiness on him and I hope everyone remember this as elections approach.


    • My computer and I are not getting along well. Our governor here in Massachusetts is doing well too, but Massachusetts is a much smaller state than NY, so we haven’t been hit as hard. New York has had many great governors many of whom have become President through the years (including both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt) and others.

      Meanwhile, the jerk who currently sits in the White House may not have caused the virus, but he has definitely made it far, far worse than it needed to be.


  3. Pretty much the only true leadership we’ve seen this year has been the governors. I hate our governor up in NH, but will admit he has made some good decisions.


    • Some politicians actually “grow up” when times are tough. Clearly this has NOT happened in DC. But then again, did any of us really expect he would? He just proved himself to be even stupider than we thought he was.

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        • Good article. I keep waiting to see what is really happening. I don’t think we yet know. How bad will the economy get and how big a depression will we have? I don’t know. I don’t even know if I’m going to outlive this event.

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          • We don’t have many answers now, and the answers we have scare people – We may be in a social distancing phase for up to 2 years depending on how things go, or we can go the other way and just let it rip with all of the deaths it would cause. Those “huge corporations over little people” want to do it that way… The one thing I do know, I was planning on retiring in two or three years, but with my 401K in the shape it is in, nope, ain’t going to happen…


        • I’m a Brit, living with our countrywide lockdown. It’s bad for our economy, but so what. Hearing other reports about elderly US politicians being willing to die if it helps the economy baffles us.
          Here, the people come first. In the US, it seems the people come last in everything.
          Corona Virus is bad. It showed that in China, in Italy. We’re trying to slow it down, but having to plan for the worst and worry about the economy afterwards. But in the US, you seem to not care about anything but business.
          Truly baffling.

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          • Unfortunately there are a lot of people here that fit that description, and they are the ones who yell the loudest. And, even worse, are in charge. I agree, it should be people first, but the right wing calls helping people “Communism”, while stealing from the poor to give to the rich is pure “Capitalism”. There are a lot of us fed up, and I hope we all come out in November and get someone with a little compassion in the oval office…


    • Sometimes it’s good to remember that this is the “United STATES of America,” not the united peoples of American. The states don’t play as big a role usually as they are now, but when the federal government falls on its face, it’s good to have a backup plan.

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