We already know I’m a huge fan of Jim Butcher and while I dread the ending of this series, I’m also pretty much holding my breath for the next book. I have included the trailers for”Peace Talks” and “Battleground.” The latter is due for release on September 29th.

“Peace Talks” was beyond fantastic … and so were the books that came before it. I got into reading backwards through the books down to book 9, after which I decided it was time to start upward again to get myself emotionally in tune with what was coming.

I think the next book (I think — no, I have NOT read it) seems likely to be Jim Butcher’s Ragnorok, minus Loki — though who knows? A few Norse mythological characters might show up. Why not? It’s not like they haven’t been taking shape in the shadows of the previous sixteen books.

Now, here’s the trailer for “Peace Talks.” This was released last month. I bought the hard copy of the book because I was helpless. I had to have it. I have read it only once so far. I will read it again. Soon. I’m waiting. It’s like having a birthday but saving the best gift (you always know what the best gift is, don’t you?) until the end.

Next is the trailer for “Battleground.” It’s due for release September 29, 2020. I’ve pre-ordered the hard copy because, as I said, I can’t help it. The trailer took my breath away and I don’t think it was the heavy layer of pollen in the early autumn air.

You can follow Jim on Twitter at @longshotauthor. If you are as loony as I am about his books, you can also follow Molly Carpenter and more of Jim’s other characters, human, human-like, and bizarrely “other.” He writes (on Twitter) using the personality of various characters. This totally blows my mind since I can barely keep track of me these days, much less a panoply of human, fey, wizards, werewolves and oh so many more. Name the mythology and they are in his books, sometimes as major characters or lurking in the shadows, waiting for a turn in the spotlight.

Call me crazy, but I think this would make a gangbusters mini (or not so mini) series. I’ll even dig up the money to pay for yet one more streaming channel if this ever gets produced. Oh please make it real! I need this. Reality is not working for me.

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  2. So, is “Peace Talks” a full fledged novel of the Dresden files or another of the compilations books. You know, the side stories or something but not a continuation of the very edge-of-your-seat timeline we all are yearning to find more about?

    I want to get “Peace Talks,” like anything else with Dresden in it, but I’m just wondering if it is continuing on from where “Skin Game” left off.

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    • Battleground is a full (and LONG) novel. My suspicion is that he wrote Peace Talks and Battleground together. Battleground is really part two of Peace Talks. Peace Talks does continue from where Skin Game ended and Battleground begins where Peace Talks ends. Peace Talks was REALLY good. I have a feeling that Battleground will be even better. Jim Butcher just keeps getting better and better.

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      • And he’s still got good hair, dammit. Why do some guys just have great, long hair and me, a woman, can’t get anything better than “rat’s nest in a hurricane”? Grr…
        Oh well, it’s about the books anyway.


        • I always know the length of the books because I buy the audiobooks too and they tell me how many hours they run These run 16 hours ad 17 hours each. I wouldn’t mind them being longer. A LOT longer.

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          • me neither. I love the humor and the tension, and the world’s just interesting to be a part of. I’ve busted out laughing many a time when I would read one of his books.


      • It’ll probably make for an epic movie directed by Stephen Spielberg and co-produced by Tom Hanks. The cast will feature everyone who has a SAG card including Gary Busey. Bring a turkey club and a Sprite, it’s gonna be epic long.

        Music by John Barry with homage riffs from Elmer Bernstein and Bernard Herrmann.


  3. There was a TV series, starring Paul Blackthorne, that (I believe) had Jim as a script consultant. It follows the early books and diverges a little, here and there, but (I think) preserved the “magic”. Only one series was made, but there are rumours that Fox21 is considering a reboot. Maybe the massive success of the Tolkein films, the Twilight franchise, and the crazy success of the Game of Thrones TV series has made studios think again about the possible market. I agree, they could do much worse in a search for source material, but they’d need some very good script writers to condense the Dresden action into TV format.

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    • I’ve seen the show and it wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t great, either. I think we are all hoping for a better one. It was on Fox and they wouldn’t let them do what they wanted to do … a problem Fox has had with MANY shows. So they gave up after 1 year. But the stories are SO good and Harry Dresden is such a great character, I can’t imagine that they won’t try at least once more, maybe Netflix or HBO or Prime. Prime has done brilliantly with Bosch, so maybe they could do Harry. We live in hope 😀 Mike Carey is usually available as is Ben Aaronovitch … and all these guys work together on the super heroes sagas and they are all into the whole graphic arts thing.

      There’s plenty of great talent out there. All they have to do is HIRE them and let them do their thing. I think that’s why Connelly’s Bosch has done so well. Connelly writes the scripts himself — probably why the show sticks so closely to the Bosch character … and also why there are such big gaps in the shows (because he also has to write books because, you know, publishers and all that). When they LET the author be involved, they get a much better product.


    • Condense with a Sam Goldwyn box cutter.


  4. Ah, a new discovery. I used to be science fiction-horror-Gothic reader for years, but have drifted away. Now tht I am going blind, it is difficult to read anything that is not large print without a magnifying glass. I may have to switch to audiobooks, although my ears are not too reliable either. It is sheer hell losing one’s sight. Typing is getting harder, too, and I know I make mistakes all the time. Thank you for posting about Jim Butcher.

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    • I’m all audiobooks all the time. I’m actually addicted to audiobooks. It all started when I had very long commutes and the audiobooks kept me from going crazy from just sitting. So after I retired, I stayed with audio. A good narrator makes the book better than a regular book. I read a little bit, but mostly, I listen.


    • Patricia, Marilyn is talking to you as I am writing, “..NONE of us has the sight we used to have. THAT is what audio books are for. You can crank up the volume”. Marilyn, “A good audio book is better than a regular book…you can hear the voices and hear the background”. So, Patricia — get thee some audio books and enjoy.
      BTW: Patricia, remember me and my hearing woes. TYPING, yes, is getting harder. I am making many typos as I write this missive. Whatever, please stay in touch with us and keep those old Hollywood stories coming. I am “enjoying” reading the Louis B. Mayer bio, still in his early years — ’24, just before MGM becomes official. It’s fascinating to hear folks like Norma Shearer and Ramon Navarro referred to as “newcomers”. I am actually reading the chapter where Mayer takes over production of “Ben Hur” with Thalberg cracking the whip. A studio making “Ben Hur” and Von Stroheim’s “Greed” was begging for trouble. I’ve never seen the director’s cut of “Greed”. At this stage of life, I don’t think I could handle it.
      I think I’m ready to dive back into some of Metro’s 30’s stuff — Garbo and company. I found Garbo’s “Mata Hari” pretty steamy stuff even though tame by today’s standards.

      Will you be watching tonight’s EMMYS? Do you really care?

      Patricia, take care. Stay safe and sane.


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