The last election I saw that was this interesting to watch was Kennedy-Nixon in 1960. It hooked me on watching elections for fun and profit. Mostly fun because I’ve yet to make a profit.

You have to love elections. It’s more American than baseball or the Statue of Liberty. They are usually rowdy and intentionally entertaining. When important stuff is at stake, they become even more exciting. This one matters so much to so many people!

If you love history, you love elections. They are a miniature portrait of the country holding them.

The intricacies and demographics. The educated and not-so-educated guesses. The counting, the threats of violence, Rudy Giuliani and the Trump boyz (they let them out of Their Hood for the election). At least the mob outside the counting station in Maricopa county in Arizona didn’t seem to be (visibly) armed. No rifles in sight. Which doesn’t mean no one had them, but they weren’t being openly carried.

The wild, wild west is still wild and wilder, at least as far as guns are concerned. Open carry states? Anyone can walk around with a long gun hanging on their shoulder? And there I was, thinking my camera and a long lens is heavy. A big rifle has got to be a much heavier item. My shoulder hurts even thinking about it.

My meeting at the Pain Clinic went very well. The doctor thinks they really CAN help me. They’ve seen my x-rays, so they know how messy it is in there, but he thinks they can snake a long needle around and find a piece of spine they can inject.

The idea of being in less pain is too delicious to talk about. The long needle is a little less pleasantly exciting, but if they do it properly, it should be nearly painless.

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  1. It sounds very promising. I hope you can get it.


  2. I do hope the treatment gives you relief. ❤️


  3. Ugh, yours is one of the blogs where I can’t like or visit your posts if I try to “visit” them through my reader. 😡


    • I never used the reader. I don’t like it. It’s too easy to just slide through checking like and not reading anything. And reading things takes a lot longer than reading from an email.

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      • I don’t use email because I used to receive way too many. But when I use the reader I don’t often read the post via the reader, I instead click on “visit,” which takes me to the specific post with all the correct formatting. And it’s when I do that that I can’t like or comment on many blogs.


  4. Fingers crossed they can help your back x

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