7:15 PM

I feel as if I should be doing an hour by hour addition of number as they come in. Right now, I’m feeling pretty optimistic. For all the reasons I mentioned earlier (yesterday, as of this publication), Donzo’s numbers are not as big as he needs. But it is very early and they are still voting in many place including all of the west coast. New England is an obvious winner for Biden. Kentucky and Indiana are red, red, red.

So much is hanging in the balance including Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Virginia. I know less about southwestern and midwest states, but have more information about east coast states. Not unreasonable because that’s where we live and from which we get a lot of shared news. A lot of New Englanders “winter” in the south, especially Florida. Also, the population has been changing in Arizona for years and finally, maybe it has swung the other way.

All of this is before our own polls close, which won’t be for another 10 minutes. Vermont is already called for Biden. I’ll be back in another half hour.

8:51 PM

It certainly is an interesting race and it’s a real election. Nothing nerdy about this election. North Carolina? Tight as a jar of jelly lid. Georgia? Really close. Arizona? Probably Biden. Still too early. Be patient.

9:22 PM

Bye-bye North and South Dakota. North Carolina is waffling as is Ohio. Meanwhile, I made fresh banana bread to which I added crushed almonds and walnuts, dried cherries, raisins, and cranberries. It tastes like banana nut and fruit bread. Excellent.

November 4, 12:40 AM

Nothing is happening. Well, wait — Trump has Florida (yuk) and Iowa (not a big surprise). Trump also has Montana and Wyoming, but no one expected anything else. But all the really close votes won’t be decided and a lot of early mail-in votes mean that too many votes haven’t been counted and the uncounted votes are critical.

It was the old High School. Now, it’s the new Middle School.

Of course, Trump is declaring victor because “we” (who, me?) are trying to steal the election. It’s late, I’m tired. I’m going to bed. More will come, but it won’t happen tonight. Nope, not tonight.

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  1. It’s why I did all I could yesterday to not look at an election map and not focus on what was going on. I knew they wouldn’t have results right away or anything. I think they just need to make sure it’s all good before they even TRY to announce, but that’s not the way the media ever wants to do it. I want to scream at frustration at the obvious crap Dump’s been up to with this election and I just have to shake my head. We all knew he’d declare victory early, even when he’s got at least 60 points more to go before he could say that.

    But his never-fact-checker supporters won’t care. I’m avoiding EVERYONE today because i don’t wanna hear it, not gonna see a neighbor or anything (and I need more soup for this headache and congestion)


    • You echo my thoughts. This race is NOT over and I don’t think ANY court would agree with him, including the SOC. Our races aren’t over until the counting’s done. Hell, they used to drive — in a horse and wagon — the votes from one town to another for counting and it could take a week or more before finally, everyone knew who won … though I suspect a lot of people were never entirely sure.

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      • Best part of last night — eating your ‘enhanced’ banana bread.
        It sure as hell produced quick results.
        Thank you.


  2. it will take a while

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  3. It looks bad, Marilyn. Very, very bad. 😢

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    • Maybe it is, maybe not. I don’t think ANYONE agrees with him, not even the other publicans. The “all in one day” event is because of television. Before that? Horses. Wagons. A week, if you were lucky, before anyone knew and another week before it got to your little town. The TV event ain’t written in ANY law.

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  4. You’re right, the results seem to be coming slowly.


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