It’s still autumn out there. All the oak trees have turned bronze, but a lot of red and yellow leaves are still on the trees. It has been a beautiful autumn, no matter how awful other things have been, the weather has been amazing and glorious. I’m hoping that from this point onward, we start to pull out of our national slump and by next year, it will really BE better. Not just hoping for better. Really being there.

Our birds are still eating their little hearts out. I have very little money, but I decided I could somehow manage $8/month and join the Cornell Ornithological group. Among other things, they hold courses so while watching people getting drunk, celebrating and probably catching a disease, I was identifying birds on line. I learned that I do well if I recognize the bird and I need to see the colors or I don’t recognize it. Interesting to discover ones weaknesses.

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  1. Money well spent Marilyn. It will give you a lot of pleasure.


    • Well, I can’t afford to donate much and that was their minimum donation. But it was a kind of putting my money where my mouth is. They have, for example, a course is how to draw birds which I REALLY wanted to take … but that one costs around $50 which I ALMOST had until my oven — all of 7 months old — decided to die. JUST past the warranty, of course. So instead of drawing birds, I bought an oven because drawing is much more fun, but I use that oven every day. Oh well. Next time it comes around. They have a nice range of courses, including some advanced drawing and photography courses too. I’m just doing the free ones for now until we get finances figured out. But maybe maybe maybe there’s a potential new vaccine in the foreseeable future! THAT would help!

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  2. Fantastic photos, Marilyn. I love to see the variety of flora and fauna from your garden. Glad they’re feasting so well – maybe they’re celebrating too. I hope this is the start of better times for you all on the US side of the pond. 🙂


  3. That sounds great, you are never too old to learn. I am also discovering new things to do and it keeps me active and happy. At the moment I am on the cooking trip. It is bird time again and I am gradually getting back to the old routine of their feeding sessions.


    • I really wanted to sign up for the “drawing birds” course — until my new oven decided it didn’t want to have convection anymore. It’s only 7 months old — JUST past warranty (of course). We use it constantly, so I forewent drawing birds in favor of cooking dinner. I’d rather draw birds! The course will roll around again and maybe next time, I will be able to afford it. It’s not expensive. I’m just poor.

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