CMMC – March Color – Orange

Orange may not be the “new” black, but it is definitely the old orange. Such a great color deserves to stand alone and not be a new version of anything. So we can stop calling it “pumpkin.” Pumpkins are ORANGE. Oranges are not pumpkin-colored. Sheesh.  

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  1. I love your car surrounded by all the green 😀 😀 Wonderful choices for this week 😀


  2. Yesterday our city was lit up in orange for National Kidney Day.


    • National KIDNEY day? Yoicks. Do they dress up in blood red for national heart surgery day? Actually, given our number of diseases, we could do one illness per day forever and probably never run out. It might get a bit obscure after a while, but hey, a holiday is a holiday!


      • I wrote my comment incorrectly as it is NOT a holiday. The orange lights were to acknowledge 37 million people in our country who suffer from Chronic kidney disease. It was a day for fundraising and awareness but turns out it’s all month.
        I’m sorry it took such a negative tone as that was not my intent. I do believe there is a day when red is worn for Heart and we’ve all seen the pink for Breast Cancer awareness.


        • I was okay with the pink, but when they started giving out breast cancer pink trash cans, I lost it. Also, they keep working to raise awareness. I don’t think awareness is the problem. I think money for research that isn’t owned by a conglomerate is the real issue. We ALL know about it, but that doesn’t make it go away.

          We do not have enough months for all the major diseases and chronic conditions. I think I’d need a whole year to cover my various issues.

          Finally, we need one for GETTING OLD. That is the worst — and most chronic — condition of all.


  3. You said the Jeep was Red. I mentioned “persimmon” which is closer to orange.., remember ?


    • It’s orange. Actually, it’s called Orange Creamsicle. It’s an original Jeep color. One of the reasons Garry bought it was because it’s orange. Remember his orange Challenger? He likes bright colored cars. He won’t WEAR that color, but in autos, it’s cool 😀 Really, it was always orange. In fact, they asked us before they showed it to us, “How do your feel about orange?”

      Our previous car was red. It was also a Jeep — a Patriot.


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