As bright as a button, bright as fresh flowers

It was Garry’s birthday today and his brothers sent flowers. Tulips in a glass vase and a rather large and gorgeous blue hydrangea that will be planted this weekend if we can finally end our season of frost. Our daffodils are beginning to bloom. One bloomed today. If the sun shines tomorrow, the remaining buds should open. This is also for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

The third Easter Lily in bloom

Hydrangea and the Easter Lily

Not a Christmas Cactus

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  1. You do love your flowers, marilyn! Glad you enjoy snapping photos of them!


  2. Love the blue in the hydrangea ๐Ÿ˜€ Wonderful post.


  3. Beautiful! Please tell Garry Happy Birthday for me.


  4. oh these are just gorgeous Marilyn, what lovely Bday presents for Garry. Do hope you have had a fun day celebrating


    • I did! I had so much fun, I almost didn’t post anything today. Garry had gone to bed — not to sleep, but to watch his old movies of which I’m not fond — that I finally, with just half an hour to go, posted these. To be fair, I had processed them earlier — or anyway, one of the three . One was done, but not square so I had to do it again and I hadn’t gone near the Not-A-Christmas Cactus,

      But it was a good day. We ate good food, Garry got to scarf down almost a whole pound of shrimp, and we had swordfish for dinner — his favorite and if there’s not lobster anywhere, my second favorite. We watched a baseball game (the Sox actually WON!) and then a giggly funny movie and then it was really a lot later than it was supposed to be. It’s a gorgeous day today.

      Really what we need is RAIN but there’s none in sight. We get a lot of gray days, but it doesn’t become rain. It blows out to sea or we get a brief sprinkle, but everything is so dry. The fire alert warnings have gone from yellow to red and they are putting out brush fires all over the state. So far, little ones but the longer these droughts last, the more crisp the outdoor plants become.

      I took pictures this morning. It’s hard to show something that isn’t there, in this case, rain. The absence of Solomon’s Seal, the dearth of leaves on the lilacs and forsythia. The dryness of the rose bushes — not even any leaves. Only the day lilies are coming up like they should. Our weather guys sound worried. As someone living with a well, I’m worried too.

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