Speaking of bright and square, the Goldfinch are as bright as sunshine

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures. Today, when normally I would be taking more pictures because it’s a perfect day, I restrained myself. I have so many pictures that need processing, I have to work my way through at least half of them before I dare add more to the pile. A few days ago I noticed that the Goldfinch are starting to change from winter plumage to the bright yellow gold .

Gold is their breeding color. Once they change color — just about now — they remain brilliant yellow until winter After that, they fade to an almost olive or nearly taupe. You know spring has begun when they all begin to turn turn gold. The finches are permanent guests. They won’t leave, except briefly in November when they go back to Canada for a few weeks. Otherwise, they stay here.


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  1. they are coping well with environmental changes, so your restaurant grows in reputation, i can hear those birds chirping their thanks to you, and they send the same thanks to their creator, you are winning on the double marilyn, keep it going…


  2. Nice ensemble of Goldfinch. They definitely brighten the day. I believe E. Goldfinger has texted you.

    Yes, you should probably cut back on editing for the day. Your body is speaking to you.

    Bond. James Bond.


    • My right hand has decided that processing photographs ends for a couple of days. I have been taking a lot of pictures. It’s not taking them that’s a problem. It’s the repetitive processing and working with the mouse. I can still type — but processing? If I give my right hand a couple of days off, it will like me better. Fortunately, I did a lot of work last night and the night before. I’m not caught up, but I’m a little ahead of myself.


    • They are very pretty birds. I love the way they dive from place to place, often not even spreading their wings. And we have lots of them, except that right now, the brown-headed cowbirds seem to have taken over the deck and I may have to pull the feeders for a few days and hope they will move on. There’s plenty of food in the woods now so they certainly won’t starve.

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  3. I have had a boom of both gold and purple finches. I live in upper South Carolina.


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