I’m pretty sure that stripes, spots, or freckles describes almost every bird I see with maybe the exception of the Cardinal — the males, anyway — who are almost entirely one solid color. Everything else has some sort of stripes, spots, freckles, patches. They are a colorful lot!

Almost all the birds have some kind of markings except for male Cardinals, Cowbirds, and crows. There are a few solid color birds (usually white) along the river. Snow Egrets and some of the terns and gulls along the shore, but these are woodland birds. A colorful and motley crew!

It was quite a bird fiesta this morning! It rained last night and there are still puddles on the deck, so it must have rained through most of the night. The birds hit the feeders this morning and their singing woke me up. I put out fresh seeds, though they were not out of seeds yet — but they like these new seeds a lot more than the far more expensive stuff we were feeding them before. Also, we now are attracting groups of flickers. They really look like Red-Bellied Woodpeckers — from the back — but when they turn around, very different colors ranging from very pale green to red with some green feathers. They are also a little smaller than the other woodpeckers.

This flicker is quite pale — I think maybe a female. When the sun isn’t as bright, she is actually a light green, though in the photo she looks white

I am having a hard time finding my email. I don’t know if it isn’t appearing or is getting lost under the deluge. Is anyone else having problems getting timely emails?

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  1. Birds, birds, beauifu bird!


  2. Ah all the colours of the world seem to be there in the beautiful plumage of these little birds!! Beautiful.


  3. I love all your woodpeckers and it’s always fun to see the various birds you get in the US but we don’t see here, like the Cardinals and Blue Jays (our Jays are lovely but quite different).

    I noted your comment about emails. I’ve noticed a similar thing lately. I get digests with posts from days ago or sometimes don’t get them at all 😦


    • I’ve been wondering if all the servers are overloaded. Too many people on line and not enough servers to handle the load.

      The birds at least are happy. They seem to love the new food we’ve started feeding them, so not only do we have the usual birds, but we have new birds we’ve never seen here before. I knew they lived in the area, but they never came to the feeders. Now we are getting lots of Flickers (both the red and green ones), bunches of Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks … and bunches of little birds, obviously recently fledged. Miniatures of their parents. Really cute!


  4. So happy that you got birds back on the feeder. Very nice gallery for this one! 147 Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Wozzer! That is awesome! Today is the first day I’ve felt like getting on the computer since my surgery. I’m adding this and getting ready to post the round up from last week. I’ve been too out of it. 🙂


    • Just take care of yourself. Garry had some major surgery on his shoulder and managed to undo most of it by hoisting ONE big dog into the car. True, the dog was sick and there was no one else to do it, but his shoulder is almost as bad as it was before the surgery. Even repaired tendons and ligaments are fragile — not that they aren’t fragile in the first place.

      We don’t have ANY long tailed birds around here. There are some down by the ocean, but I don’t have pictures of them — just memories. So I’m going to have to skip this particular prompt. Unless you count doves as “long-tailed,” but really, they are just balanced for their body length. We do have a lot of wild turkeys, but again, no pictures. Just a lot of standing still waiting for that turkey to cross the road. They don’t have a grip on car vs. Turkey.

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      • doves have long tails for their body size. This is for those birds that have long tails in your eyes. Even a Carolina Wren has a long tail for their body so that would count. I’m going to postpone tomorrow’s bird weekly for next week. I’m having some real pain today and I don’t have the heart to do it. A friend of mine in Texas passed away on Sunday and I just found out today. I’m sad. 🙂


        • We’ve been losing friends and colleagues often in the past few years. It used to be an occasional thing, but now, well, age really IS creeping up. Maybe more than merely creeping. You take care of yourself. Garry had what they call in baseball “Tommy John” surgery which involves muscles, tendons, ligaments and it took him MONTHS to recuperate and that shoulder is still very fragile. I guess he isn’t going to pitch for the Sox.

          You just take care of yourself. This kind of surgery takes a LONG time to heal. My chest has never healed following heart surgery and that was in March of 2014. The odds are it will never heal. The bone heals, but the chest isn’t solid. It expands and contracts so we can breathe and the connective tissue has simply refused to regrow. It’s supposed to, but it hasn’t and there’s nothing they can do to MAKE it heal.

          So I get it. Be good to YOU. If I miss a post, life will go on!

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          • I’m aware of Tommy John surgery. The best pitcher on the Rays, Tyler Glasnow has to have it and it has set the Rays back a bit. We are fighting Boston for first place. 😂


            • It’s an ugly surgery and even with a lot of physical therapy and coaching, it doesn’t always work. Garry’s getting better by resting it. They won’t redo the surgery. Too much healing and at 79, it’s not likely to work out well. He’s just going to have to be more careful.

              The Rays are REALLY good this year! Garry thinks they are the best team. Frankly, I’m surprised the Sox are playing this well. I didn’t think we had a particularly good team, but it has shaped up far better than anyone expected.

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              • I hope Garry doesn’t reinjure himself. I saw my incision for the first time on Friday. The first time it was unwrapped a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t really see it. That incision is about 3 1/2 inches long. I’m only a size 6 shoe so it is almost the whole side of my foot. Battle scars and good! LOL!

                The Rays are on a losing streak! I hope they get their stuff together! They have an awesome team, but they’ve been shook by Glasnow’s predicament.


  5. Hello there, so beautiful, colorful birds, they are coming to say hello to their mother, Marilyn.


  6. What a fantastic collection of birds visit you. Lucky 🍀


    • Living in the woods has some benefits. As long as the trees don’t fall on the house and no bears move in!

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      • I hope these calamities don’t happen. 😜


        • They do happen, but it depends on how the tree it leaning. We cut down some trees that were too close to the house, especially if they were near the chimney. Most of them are in the woods and if they fall down, it’s usually no big deal. Dead trees are a great habitat for birds and other small animals. We get hit by branches, but so far, not by anything bigger than a small branch. There’s ONE that’s all tangled up with our wires and no one wants to cut it because of the wires and the one right next to the deck. That one’s leaning away from the house, so if it falls — and it will — it will not fall on the house or deck, but it will still make a mess.

          As for bears, they have been moving south because of all the deforestation going on. They aren’t far away. I just hope they don’t move in. Bears — even small bears — are a LOT bigger than we are and they love bird food.

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  7. A very colorful gathering of our feathered friends who stop by for chow. Thank you.



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