A Photo a Week Challenge: Mothers

My mother, myself, and Garry’s mother. All of us young with life stretching ahead of us. Let this be a happy Mother’s day for everyone — mothers and the children of mothers world round.

My mother in 1944, three years before I was born
Me as young mother
Garry’s mother – her wedding photo

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  1. These are wonderful. I hope you had a lovely weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day!


  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you too.


  3. Lovely pictures. You look a lot like your mom


  4. I really love these photos, Marilyn. All Three Beautiful Mothers.


  5. I also love the photo of you and your son, which I’ve seen before. Such a tender pose.


  6. You look so much like your mother!!! Love these photos. Garry’s mother’s wedding veil/bonnet is so charming. What a handsome couple.


    • That’s my favorite picture of me with Owen, but I don’t have a lot of picture of me with Owen because i was usually taking the picture. So there are pictures of Owen, but I’m behind the camera.

      I do look a lot like my mother which is funny because I always looked like my father until about 15 years ago when I looked in the mirror and said “Mom?”

      Garry’s parents were truly a beautiful couple. His father stayed handsome and had just enough of a Barbados accent to make him sound a little bit like Harry Belafonte.


      • Did they live in Barbados or move to the states?


        • His father was born in Barbados, (mostly) raised in St. Thomas. Moved to New York and served as a sergeant during WWII. But he had moved to New York before that because by the time he was in the army, Garry was born (1942). The exact trajectory of his family history is being seriously discussed at the moment because it’s a bit hazy. People moved around the Caribbean islands a lot and there were no passports, no customs. They got in a boat and went to another island. They stayed, eventually moved on. It was — and still is — a much more casual lifestyle than we are used to. At some point St. Thomas belonged to Denmark and I am pretty sure his father lived there during the end of Denmark’s ownership, after which it became American and so did his father and the rest of the family. Exactly when they came to New York is an interesting question. No one is entirely sure. But his mother was born in New York and that is where they met, although a lot of HER family is also from St. Thomas. It really is complicated.


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