Owen decided we needed flower boxes. The bird feeders are living where the flowers used to live. I used to grow fuchsia, but after we cut down one of the branches of the nearby tree, we lost the dappled shade the fuchsia loved.

We needed new, sun-loving plants. Enter the pansies and petunias plus something else which didn’t have a name because the little sticker with the name got lost and no one knew what it was called. It’s pretty, though and so far, it seems to like our deck. We’ve even had a little sunshine!\

I was really glad to see the bees come out to visit my plants. I’m afraid of bees. Afraid of getting stung because bees and I do not have a good interaction and I have been stung frequently. It’s something about the smell of my skin, or so I’ve been told. Everyone says stay still and they will fly on, but they don’t. They land on me and sting me. If I’m on a patio with 100 people, the bee will zoom in and sting me.

Last summer’s fuchsia still lives. Barely.

Nonetheless, I was very happy to see them in there, pollinating the flowers. We need more bees. More pollination. More flowers!

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8 replies

  1. Beautiful photos Marilyn 😀


    • Thanks Cee. Trying to get a clear shot of the bee was interesting. It’s easier to shoot them when they are sitting still. This one kept flying from flower to flower, so he was in motion all the time. And he was a big one, too. Bumble bees get really big!


  2. Beautiful photos of flowers, Marilyn.


  3. A beautiful addition to your home. Lovely pictures


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