We have had a lot of Cardinals lately. Many of them are young birds. You can tell because they still have some fledgling feathers and they look like teenage Cardinals. The boy in the set looks nearly full-grown, but the Lady looks recently post nestling.

The lady Cardinals go through a lot more color changes than the boys. The boys turn red and stay red. But the girls are first a kind of light taupe or beige and develop color in their wings and face and tail as they mature. They are also a lot more variable in their coloring.

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  1. They’re beautiful!


    • They are lovely. I took these pictures just a couple of days ago — maybe last Friday? They have all grown a lot since then. It is amazing how fast these go from babies to full-grown.


  2. They’re beautiful birds – I wish we got them here in the UK!


  3. It’s wonderful to follow – under your tutorial their development. Thank you so much.


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