Considering I took these pictures yesterday afternoon, that’s about as much breaking with the past as I can manage in one day. Colors are coming. If the temperatures would drop a bit — and they are supposed to by tomorrow — I think we will be in peak colors by next week. Meanwhile, there are colors. Not as many as there will be, but you can’t miss them now. They stand out from among their green brethren like burning flags amongst the trees.

Categories: Autumn, Blackstone Valley, Gallery, leafing, Nature, Photography, square, Squirrel, Wildlife

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4 replies

  1. ooh you got out for a bit with the camera 🙂


  2. So beautiful “On The Way Home”, Marilyn.


  3. Yes, for sure ! Looking at your pictures, some bright and beautiful hues over there. Good you took a break from past and given us a fresh vibes of autumn colours. That red….


    • Thank you. Truly, it really IS that I can’t remember what I did before. And figuring it out would take more research than I’m really up for right now, so now worked just fine — especially because it is October and the trees are changing color.


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