As I plod my way through the new Adobe applications, I’m not shocked by how much has changed. I’m more surprised at how little has changed. Considering that the most recent version of Photoshop I used is more than 10 years old, I expected to see big really exciting changes. There are changes, especially in masking images and portraiture, but these are not functions I use much. I take maybe a dozen portraits a year. It’s nice to be able to open a closed eye, add hair to a bald pate, and do a better job smoothing out wrinkles, but otherwise, it has most of the same pluses and minuses as the old version.

Maple leaves on the last day of October

It even has the same glitches. Adobe’s standard is to not fix it if it is merely annoying customers. If it doesn’t make the application stop working and it’s just an annoyance? That’s your problem. if it makes the application stop working? That they will (probably) fix.

The thing is, I’m relieved. I didn’t want to learn a new system. I’m not unhappy with the one I’ve got. If it weren’t for the upcoming changes to the PC operating system and not having any graphic software for the Mac, I’d keep using that old DVD version forever. Sadly, I’m pretty sure it won’t keep working forever. I’m surprised it will still install at all.

That this version of Photoshop is so similar to what I’m already using is very good news. It’s familiar. I don’t have to start from scratch and learn all new menus and symbols. Everything is familiar. It even has the same glitches. I haven’t yet been able to get the Workspace set up quite how I want it and I’m not sure it’s possible, but I haven’t watched every tutorial yet. Maybe the information I need is somewhere in one of those little videos.

Because this is not embedded software, while Microsoft changes its operating system, I won’t have to worry about losing my graphics program. The new version found all my Topaz filters. I was going to install them, but Adobe installed them automatically.

The best news for me? I can use this on both the PC and Mac. I was dreading having to use different tools for each machine.

I’ve got 38,885 photographs lurking in the Lightroom cache. I get a headache thinking about them.

I actually took a few pictures today. Just a few. We’ve been taking — between the two of us — 20,000 pictures a year, most of which don’t get used for anything. If I can’t control how much we shoot, I need to get far more serious about deleting pictures I know I will never use. I may not have learned much, but I think I’ve figured out we take too many pictures.

Who thought it was possible to take too many pictures?

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  1. So glad you don’t have to learn a whole new system! Glad it all works mostly ok! Xx


  2. Hey Marilyn,
    I have a question for you. Send me an email at when you get a chance.


  3. That’s quite a number. It is actually a task to edit, store and maintain a record of photos we click. My premium plan also hinting me now that little space is left there to share photos. I don’t know now I might upgrade to business plan one day ): I have recently purchased my third hard drive from amazon. It is so difficult to find old photos in old drives which are no more compatible with new laptops now.


    • I don’t save everything to WordPress — and I do pay extra for more space. You don’t have to upgrade to business. You can just upgrade the amount of space you get. I’m not even half full yet and it’s ten years later since I began blogging. However, I have ALL my backups on new solid state external drives I bought a few months ago. IF all you are saving are photographs, 2 TB drives will hold a HUGE number of photos. I’ve got about 150,000 on mine. I can’t keep them all on my computer’s drive — that is getting full and I keep removing old applications I don’t use. I’m going to have to remove one more year of photos at the end of 2021. I just removed 2019 (they were already backed up), so 2020 is next. When you have that many pictures, you just can’t keep them all on the computer. No one can.

      Instead of paying WordPress, buy at least two back up drives. Get solid state drives (SSD) because they are much faster and more reliable. Always have two backups in case one of them fails. You don’t want all your pictures on one drive. That’s a catastrophe waiting to happen!

      This business of sorting out is more work than I wanted to do and I’m not sure I’m ever going to finish the job. It’s an awful lot of work!

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      • Thank you so much for this valuable insight. I think I need to compress my pictures also. I at times upload as it is. I have just bought Toshiba 1TB canvio Basics drive which my son recommended and ordered for me when he realized that my one drive on laptop, my mac storage both were almost full. Already paid extra to google for extra space twice because the entire school documents, phot records, and god knows what all I had to save on my computer when suddenly schools shifted online. Later school provided us an professional account on G suite with unlimited space but by then the damage was done. It was a difficult time for all of us who were teachers and not software developers or techies. Management expected us to get crude up on technology within no time.
        You gave great advise because I was wondering what would I do with business plan when I don’t promote my business online. I don’t have one to be honest. It suits you folks.


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