Some of you may remember that we have always kept a stone toad — like the toad in “Wind in the Willows” on the deck. He sat peaceably on the railing. He sat on that rail for almost 20 years. Through snow, rain, and summer’s heat, Mr. Toad smiled.

A couple of months ago, the squirrels were knocking toad off his sitting place. His sun dial broke and he lost a few pieces from his hat. I decided to give him some time off and moved him into the kitchen where he sat by the countertop oven. No one knocked him over.

Yesterday, Owen wanted to know why Toad was in the kitchen and not on the deck. I said the squirrels had been knocking him off and he had been broken, so I had given him a break. Owen put him back on the deck in his old spot in front of the pillar that holds all the feeders.

Today, the squirrels met him and since these squirrels are, I think, babies from the last litters, they had to properly introduce themselves to Mr. Toad.

Introduction complete, our little squirrel moves on to the seed tray

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  1. This is so sweet, Marilyn. The next generation meets Mr. Toad. I still have my kids’ books of Frog and Toad.


  2. This is perfectly sweet, Marilyn.


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