It’s hard not to feel sorry for the wild things that have to live through a winter hurricane. I’m not silly enough to try to gather them together to keep them warm and I realize that “wild” means dealing with the outdoors and whatever comes. Storms, fires, rain, hail — wild things have to find a way to cope or die.

Here are a couple of pictures Owen took of the many types of birds gathered on the deck. He went out and gave them extra food and today, cleaned off the deck so I can get to the feeders. Thank you Owen! The birds would thank you if they knew how.

Like usual, today dawned bright and blue and gorgeous. The day after a story is almost always like this. I think all that snow passing through the air effectively cleans it so for at least one day after each major storm, we have super clean air! It isn’t nearly as cold as it was yesterday, either, so maybe it will all melt before the week is over. We live in hope.

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  1. It is odd that nature is viewed as being gentle and caring when it is a mix of those two things and also harsh, unkind, and unforgiving. We forget this about the reality of the world we inhabit as we have insulated ourselves from much of those basic hardships.


    • I think this is one of those things I have had to learn. Too many Disney cartoons where you never have to see a glorious hawk chowing down on Thumper. Those characters don’t eat or freeze or get displaced because Cinderella decided to add a wing to the castle.

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