It was a birthday gift — I think for Garry, though since Garry doesn’t garden, all gifted plants are for me. We kept it alive inside for almost two months and then planted it outside in the garden where it grew very nicely for the rest of the summer.

Hydrangea and Easter Lily

It even survived the gnaw of deer. I hope it will revive this summer and grow more.

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  1. A great gift, Marilyn. I always buy my mom plants as gifts. She has green thumbs and they thrive in her care.


    • Garry’s brother sends them. It’s funny because Garry has never shown any interest in plants, but I love them and have learned to care for them. Growing things really helps me cope with this world. Which is just wonderful 😀


  2. That’s the best kind of gift – something that lasts and gives so much pleasure. They’re stunning photos, Marilyn, and the hydrangea is the most beautiful vivid blue. 🙂


    • It is the ONLY plant I’ve gotten that managed to stay alive long enough to be planted outside. Of course, this isn’t orchid growing territory, but we’ve had all kinds of other plants that couldn’t live indoors and didn’t survived the 10 to 12 weeks before it was warm enough to plant them. I think those hydrangeas were especially sturdy. And really pretty.

      It really is great to get things that survive for years.


  3. That truly is a beautiful hydrangea… so blue…


  4. I love that color of hydrangia.


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