Some years back, we gave up buying standard birthday cakes. We bought them, everyone had a little piece and in the end, we threw away the rest of the cake because it just wasn’t good enough to make the effort to eat it.

Instead, because it was Owen’s favorite — and Garry and I both like it a lot — we started buying cheesecakes. When we remember, we have them decorated. it’s free at Hannaford.

Garry and Owen decided on a heart — and a purple heart. As soon as I saw it, I asked if that meant I’d been wounded on the field of battle Garry said he’d never put the purple and heart together and realized it’s the standard American military decoration for anyone wounded in battle.

Garry looked at it and said: “Oo rah.”

I got roses and some very pretty white flowers and lots of drawing pencils of every kind, including a 150 pencil in Prismacolor’s premium set. I made out good this year.

I going to sign off and watch this really stupid FBI show with American FBI agents operating all over the world. It’s totally illegal to do that. The FBI is specifically designated to operate exclusively on U.S. soil, so this is a better than average figment of Dick Wolf’s rich and varied imagination.

Grab your guns. We’ve got a body.

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  1. Happy Birthday Marilyn. I hope you have had a good day.


  2. Happy birthday, Marilyn — and a purple icing heart each for Garry and Owen!


    • I just found it funny that no one connected the big purple heart and the standard award for getting wounded in battle. We still have half a cake left, but we’ll eat it. Cheesecake gets eaten which is more than I can say for “regular” birthday cake. I got GREAT gifts this year! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m old or because I have a new hobby. Maybe both.

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  3. A very happy birthday Marilyn. 💖🌷


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