Of the many birds who visit our daily banquet, none are more common or more friendly than the Tufted Titmouses or Titmice — take your pick. No one has agreed on this yet. They will sometimes land on your head or shoulder, and then look at you and you can just see them thinking, “Oh, hi, oops, didn’t know you were alive…”

They are Owen’s favorite birds and one of mine, too. They aren’t pushy with other birds and they are playful with each other. Although, like all birds they enjoy playing “king of the mountain,” there’s no aggression in their behavior.

Tufted Titmouse

Along with several other birds, they have nests in our hedges, so in the spring we had a lot of little tiny ones, perfect miniature replicas of mom and dad.

Bigger than a Goldfinch, smaller than most other garden birds, they are sweet chirpers. I am always glad to see them.

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  1. Beautiful drawing


  2. That first sketch is perfect!


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