SHARE YOUR WORLD – 6/21/2022

I can’t believe we are nearing the end of June because I swear it was the beginning a few days ago.

This has been a medical month. Doctors, dentists, test, more tests, trying to get medicines I need and can’t afford. Not a lot of fun but I just couldn’t put it off any longer.


What are three scents you like?

Vanilla. Roses. Fresh bread in the oven. I could add a couple more, but I’m sticking with three 🥖

What is something true (factual) that most other people don’t believe?

There are per capita more gun-related deaths in many rural areas than in most cities. This is not true for every state, but true for more states than not. I didn’t believe it when I first read it, either. It flies against my belief that city life, with the traffic, cement, and grunge was part of what makes people crazy enough to shoot people for no apparent reason. I found it hard to believe, so I’m betting so will everyone else.

The way it works is that the total numbers are higher in cities because more people live in cities. But if you break it down “per capita,” it presents a different picture.

Gun violence is not an urban problem.
It’s an American problem.

Would you rather have a massage or get a facial?

Facial only because I have never found a masseur who understood my spine and its problems. Not to mention the price of a really good massage is more than I can afford.

Have you ever thrown someone a really extravagant party?

No and I’m pretty sure I never will. Unless you count a special weekend away with Garry on his birthday as a “party.” I’ve thrown big parties with a lot of people, but extravagant implies fancy food and maybe even (gasp!) decorations and fancy dress. The “fanciest” food I served at any party was killer eggnog (New Year’s Day) — and actually, it wasn’t my recipe. I don’t like it that strong.

A bit of gratitude amidst the complaints.

I’m grateful I’ve managed, though the next few months while I pay down the deductible will be tricky, an inhaler! I’m also grateful for a few other things:

  • The antenna on the roof which is giving us 56 FREE TV channels including all the networks and one station that plays old westerns all the time. Garry hasn’t even checked out the other channels. He’s totally hung on that one channel (called GRIT).
  • New windows providing cross ventilation and greatly improved comfort
  • The wonderful flowers and wind chimes on the deck which have made it a welcoming and lovely place to be.

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  1. Prices for everything are outrageous right now, or maybe I’m so ‘mature’ I just remember how low they use to be. 🙂 I visited a friend’s garden this week, and there was a delicious fragrance all around. We never could figure out if it was one plant or a combination.


  2. Thanks for Sharing Your World Marilyn and some beautiful photography! You do live in a paradise, whom I hope the developers never find and put up parking lots or other unsightly crap. Congratulations on getting your inhaler. I can’t believe (although it’s a fact) that DME (durable medical equipment) and things like inhalers and C-paps are so costly now, and that insurances balk at paying penny one for most of them. It’s insane, but I (tongue in cheek a little bit) am suspicious there’s some agenda that ‘they’ have (those higher ups) to kill every baby boomer by hook or mostly crook. I hope it’s not true, but the evidence of my own eyes and instinct tell me differently.

    I agree there is a lot to go into an extravagant party or gathering. I’ve been to two related to my kith and kin where they (I had no part in any of the planning and couldn’t have afforded to weigh in if I were asked) had the affair catered and it was so upscale and smart that it made me gag. I just don’t care for putting on the dog that way. I did enjoy catching up with some people I do like who attended the latest one though. They’re still down to earth…

    Have a fabulous week and those flowers? So beautiful. I’m envious. Take care of yourself Marilyn!


    • BlueCross is probably an exception because long before they became my MedicareAdvantage provider, they were always the best of the best when I was working. They were also too expensive for many small companies — and I worked for very small companies. They’ve never been anything but a medical provider. They don’t sell used car “on the side.” They aren’t in the life, home, or auto insurance business. JUST medical stuff and they have always been my first choice if I had to choose. It turns out they are also paying 2/3 of my upcoming tooth repair costs — which I didn’t expect since they didn’t promise it, but they’re doing it anyway — a huge surprise because I didn’t think I’d be able to get the work done.

      They keep surprising me. When I had my heart surgery which was probably a couple of hundred thousand dollars and there should have minimally been a deductible. They charged me nothing. Zero. I finally called, just in case it was an error, but they said “Do you WANT us to charge you?” I said “NO!” and closed the call.

      So that they are offering substantially cheaper drugs through their subsidiary — Express Scripts — probably means that because it isn’t technically part of Medicare that they could negotiate for lower prices. It’s inconvenient because anything mailed is inconvenient since Trump ruined our mail, but it is going to save me a couple of hundred dollars a month — which given inflation, is no small thing.

      Finally, BlueCross has more coverage than any other medical plan. They’ve been around a long time and pretty much every place accepts them. For a while, they weren’t operating in this part of Massachusetts during which time I had three years of really terrible medical care. I actually saved the heart surgery until they expanded into this area. I didn’t trust any of the other “groups” to keep me alive.

      If you get the chance to pick up their option, do it. They really are the pick of the litter of medical organizations and they have shockingly good customer service. I keep being surprised by them. They (gasp) actually seem to care. Imagine that!


  3. the gun violence is so shocking


  4. Yay for 56 free TV channels!
    That fact about gun violence stunned me!
    Great answers Marilyn!


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