Just another Blue Jay demolishing a feeder. I almost caught him in flight except he was one wing flap ahead of me. He is headless. Another great example of “almost a really great photograph.” The fortunes of anyone photographing wildlife tend to be perilous.

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  1. ah so nice Marilyn! Glad he came and was able to be photographed!


  2. The photo of Mr. Bird with his head tilted to one side is pretty amazing too. And the one on the branch? Awesome! You didn’t miss all the photo ops and were able to bring a smile to this old bird as well. Wonderful!


    • So much of this is pure luck. Yes, having a good camera and some good tools helps, but honestly, if the light isn’t right or the bird won’t stay still, no matter how good the equipment OR the photographer is, the pictures will be at best mediocre. I was glad to find these pictures. They deserved the extra work.

      I’m also very glad you enjoyed them 😀

      I’ve got my doctor today in another hour and a bit. I’m not sure I really want to know any more than I already know.


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