Once a year, you just gotta do it, but the Duke doesn’t care for the vet. I have to admit this up front: the Duke is a wimp. You do anything to him he doesn’t like? He screams like he is being murdered. And so loud.

Mind you, the worst thing that happened was having his anal glands expelled, but he sounded like he was at death’s door. I’m sure all the other people with pets were horrified at what awful, horrible, terrible things were going on. Go explain that our dog gets hysterical if you do anything he doesn’t like. Like, for example, staring at him funny or trying to put pain-free medication in his ear. Or pulling a tick off his ear.

Total hysteria. It takes three people to hold him down while he shrieks in fear.

What really happened? He got a rabies shot and his anal glands were cleaned out. He can stop scooting. Also, he got weighed and is a pound less than last year. His teeth are good. His coat is shiny. He had his hysterics for the day and all we have to do his hope we don’t have to deal with this again until next year. I got some more heartworm meds and he won’t need another rabies shot for three years.

What a handsome boy!

The the last time he shrieked like this was when Tom and Ellin’s dog looked at him funny and he screamed in terror. Really, there was no fighting, Nothing happened. She just LOOKED at him and he panicked. Not the bravest dog in the pack.

Wimp he may be, but he is our very own charming, sweet-natured wimp. I’m grateful we don’t have to take him to the vet often. I don’t think my nerves could take it and I’m pretty sure neither could the Duke’s.

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  1. it must be love! 😉


  2. It’s OK, Due — I don’t like to go to the doctor either! But because I know what is going on, I don’t have to scream and shriek.


    • He sounded like he was being murdered. It was bizarre. I felt like I should go out and apologize to all those other pet parents. “Please, folks, ignore the shrieking. We aren’t killing my dog. Honest!”


  3. Ziggy is the same going to the vet, especially if they’re evacuating his glands. You’d think someone was torturing him, high pitched yipping, screams, and the rest. He’s usually good for his shots though, no hysterics. I suppose if I were in his position, I wouldn’t feel comfortable either. They neutered him and I think the memory lingers.. Duke is a magnificent boy and so photogenic (and drawable!) 🙂


    • Oh, he completely IGNORED the shot, but oh my god, the glands? He really sounded like he was being murdered. In slow motion. With a dull blade. He’s been living with us for almost five years and he STILL acts like the torturer is waiting in the next room.


  4. He may be a wimp, but as you say he is also a very handsome boy!


  5. Oh, Duke! You and Finley would be fast friends. You’re such a beauty. Finn wants you to know her little glands have to be drained every 6 weeks. She shakes so furiously the team worries she’ll have a heart attack. And touching her toenails? Just no!


    • You can’t touch his EARS either. There’s NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM, but he scratches and I think he gets them infected from all the scratching. Poor baby. I’m sure everyone was sure he was being killed. I’m glad he isn’t the ONLY one he acts like that. Most of my other dogs have been pretty tough, but not the Duke. Not a tough bone in his whole body.

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      • Poor guy. The technicians at the Vet’s office were kind enough to drive Finley home after her last appointment (I was on Chemo). The poor gal shared that Finley shook and salivated the entire time! Once she saw me she was fine. Being at home full-time right now is a blessing ~yet, a curse if Finn and I separate! Hang in there, Duke!

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  6. He does put up a good macho front tho….


  7. He looks a bit put out at you in this photo.. Now we know why.


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